Adjust the figure by means of clothes


Every woman knows its pros and cons. A wise woman knows how to emphasize first and second hidden using clothing. With its help, you can adjust not only the weight, but even growth. Someone might not believe it. Therefore, I suggest checking out.

For this, we have put together some tips stylists how to adjust the figure using clothing. They are quite a lot, so let's start with the more common.

First of all, we must honestly admit to myself what you have shortcomings, to know something to have to work. Quite often, women have to hide their weight. Therefore, our paper will be dedicated to this.

Now think about the clothes. Select the size it should be, so that it does not fall down and do not overtighten you. For large breasts need bra supports the bust well, for a small - push-up. If you have a tummy, and you're going to put on a slinky dress or pants, then you need slimming underwear.

To avoid wrinkles in clothes, corrective underwear should begin and end under the breast just above the knees. In any case, in the store, you can always consult with the sellers.

Clothing for women who want to hide the extra weight must be monochrome. Best friend for them to become black. It is clear that wearing black ever impossible, so think about any other soft colors. Yes, you have to forget about the bright and flashy colors. Although, it all depends on the model.

Some stylists are not recommended to wear light-colored clothing. This is debatable. The main thing that was a thing to you. Yes, these things can be complete, but with the right accessories, it is entitled to a place in your wardrobe. As for prints, it is better to give preference to small figure.

How to make the legs, buttocks and hips slimmer

1. Jeans should be dark in color.

2. Of course, heels. Only and must be worn correctly. Studs, narrow heels, etc. only worn trousers. With skirts and dresses should be worn or platform shoes with a broad heel. Otherwise, the legs will seem even wider.

3. skirts is better not to wear dark closed shoes. Otherwise, you will only accentuate the presence of short legs.

4. To legs seem slimmer, well choose tights tone shoes.

5. If you are a fan of leggings, then give preference to dark colors, no patterns and stripes.

6. I like the band, then look at the vertical thin as thick vertical and horizontal all you can complete. Latest rarely interested.

7. Do not wear too tight and tapering jeans, as you will emphasize your hips and make them visually larger. Such things can only wear a really slender girl.

8. If you have low growth, give up too wide trousers.

9. Pockets on the pope, is generally a separate topic of conversation. To begin with, if you have wide hips, it is better if the pocket is not all. In an extreme case, they should be located sufficiently high, and to be practically invisible. If the pockets are sewn too low, the priest will seem too great.

10. In order not to increase the stomach, prefer things a flat or lock fastener side.

How to make the chest and abdomen slimmer

1. If you are the owner of a large bust of luxury, then you better forget about too wide belt. Otherwise, you create the impression that half of your torso - chest.

2. To visually reduce the breast pay attention to things with V - neck tops and dark colors.

3. The color of the belt should be suited to the color of jeans or trousers, to create a line.

4. If you can not boast of a super flat stomach, try tunics, jackets and high-waisted trousers with pleats at the waist. But, in any case, do not wear too long tops, as they create extra volume in the hips and chest.

5. Always buy clothes only its size.

How to make your hands more slender

1. If the muscles in his arms not in good shape, it is better to give up things that do not have sleeves.

2. Each cuff is better than none at all.

3. sleeve ¾ will also make your hands more slender.

One more thing:

• Clothing should be well tailored. You must be comfortable in it.

• deep neckline will make you visually slimmer.

• If you have severe upper body, then you can adjust it with a scarf.

• Wear accessories.

• Do not defeat the clothing with a low waistline.

• Avoid the cells if you want to look slimmer.

• To lengthen the legs, choose a long skirt just above the knee.

• Give preference to matte materials.

• Get plenty of interesting details.

Any woman can choose from these tips that she needs. Do not be afraid to experiment and change.


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