How to dress your kids in the fall

Proper autumn clothes for children

Come the cold. Time to move on to more warm clothes for their children. And this should take into account many factors — quality, convenience, and much more. For children of different age categories fall several different.

Children under one year – warm and loose fitting clothes

The crumbs are relatively immobile in a wheelchair. Naturally, the faster they freeze, because they themselves do not warm up your body active games. Therefore, the clothes for the baby should be selected very carefully.

One of the main qualities of the garment are its ability to warm and spacious. Particularly important is the second fact for overalls, jackets, top, pants. Thanks to the spaciousness of the upper layer of clothing between him and the lower clothing air layer is formed – a kind of thermos that retains heat well.

Lower the clothes should be from natural fabrics, well snugly to the body of the baby.

Layers of clothes should be two or three. The first layer is the bodykit made of natural fabrics. Then put on the child warm jacket and pants. And the third layer is the upper clothes – overalls, jacket and warm pants. Take it with you just in case the blanket, helping to warm the baby in the cold. Be sure to check, don't sweat the kid, if he gets hot remove one layer of clothing. After all, overheating is bad.

To determine the convenience of warm clothes for the tiny baby easily. If it is difficult for him to move, he resembles a star, can't pick up a pen, pick another set. In street clothes the child needs to move without constraint.

Clothes for children from 1 year to 3

At this age Your child is so active that it is constantly in motion. The main criterion autumn warm clothes – its convenience, in any case it should not hamper his movements.

Choosing clothes for a baby older than 1.5 years, You will easily be able to enjoy the convenience. To do this, invite him to sit down, then lean and also raise your hands. If all of these exercises are performed without effort, on clothes no wrinkles or stretches, then You have found the perfect option.

Don't buy rubber boots for children up to three years. But if they cannot be avoided in rainy weather, this shoes put on woolen socks. Best suited light and comfortable boots made of PVC. Shoes take with a margin of 1-2 cm, so how are You going to wear baby tights or socks.

As a headgear, choose hats made of waterproof material.

Autumn clothing for children from three years

Older kids You will choose the autumn clothes with their active participation. An important role has the appearance of a jacket and pants, overalls, raincoat. But pay attention to the quality of the purchase.

Choosing a thin raincoat, keep in mind that he will have to wear a warm sweater and pants. If autumn clothing with lining, the bottom layer should not be so warm. Convenience remains one of the main criteria. To check it can be the same as the kids one to three years.

Caps shall be lined and made of natural fibers, so the baby's head will not sweat. It should not get wet, if the child will get caught in the rain.

A good option for warm autumn – a raincoat with a hood. The clothing Your child no rain is not terrible. Convenient it is its mobility – it is easy to roll up and carry in the bag. Warm overalls must be created of waterproof fabric. The pants and the jacket should also not skip the water, welcomed the presence of the lining.

As shoes buy waterproof boots which will reliably protect the baby's feet.


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