How do women influence the success of MEN

Amazing article by Alexander Palienko, depending on the success of the men, as well as the health and behavior of children on the condition of women and their beauty!

If you are a woman who has a smart pleasant, it leads to the fact that you're moving forward without stopping.

And you start to be a man that is a dream for any woman, but in reality it's not you - it's your woman.

Because we have a man: courageous, calm, decision-making, acting, realizing his plan, confident, self-respecting, and from the excess of respecting others, with a sense of humor, rich.

When a man is rich, he is calm when the man is poor, he is irritable. It's just that hungry and satiated man, they are different.

The woman is: beautiful, charming, feminine, receiving, sensual, driven, forgiving, material (very important material, not spiritual) and loving.

And that man was brave, calm, decision-making, acting, implementing plans, etc. he needs a woman. After that there lay the woman, then there will be.

I do focus on it again.

If a woman has little desire, then men will be small victories.

If a woman has great desires, and the male will be a big victory.

If a woman's global plans and goals and objectives, but she makes herself happy herself, is working on a while watching her figure, goes to the gym, eat right, buying a good shampoo, talking to the people who enjoy it, that is, .e. it deals with them, that's when it can fill a man.

If it is a slightly thick, it does not go anywhere while all dreams, no sense from this will not be, because it will give the man a pacifier.

Why, because she did not realized.

Remember, I said that a man can only make a woman of Yang. Of Yang woman - is knowing what she wants and takes it all, but it is still valid in order to make yourself happy!

Alexander Palienko
Psychologist, coach, personal growth coach


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