13 THINGS THAT MAKE mature man

Confident men who have something to know about life, realizes that depend on it other people, and that has a certain value, not peculiar behavior of an inexperienced, immature and weak human

It seems that we, as a society, have forgotten some important values, and as a result tend to be our development at some point suspended. We believe that there can be differences between the masculine and egocentric chauvinist manner of thinking that is really sad. Some people say that 30 years - is the new 20, and that grown men behave like spoiled children. And the truth is that 25 years of your shoulders will have enough life experience to behave like a mature adult.

The fact is that few young people, and even fewer adults as would be unfortunate as it may sound, do not know what it really means to be a mature man. In fact, mature man - a strong, confident and caring head of the family, a passionate lover, a courageous defender attentive listener, a man who knows how to solve problems, not afraid of difficulties in life, and one on which you can rely.

Confident men who have something to know about life, realizes that depend on it other people, and that has a certain value, not peculiar behavior of an inexperienced, immature and weak man.

Here are the things that a mature man will not do:

1. He will not let fear stand in the way of your happiness and success
The fear - whether the fear to make a mistake, fear of rejection or the fear to get another reprimand - it was he who causes men to stay away. To live in fear, then, be submissive and never use the great opportunities that may negatively affect your career, love sphere of life, human relations and morale. Mature man knows that fear is always there, but he also knows how to deal with it.

It is without any hesitation out of your comfort zone and dare to, even if the result of this action would be a small blow to his pride, or some discomfort. Mature man living on the edge of your comfort zone and continuously stepping into uncharted territory, that are outside the boundaries of the zone.

2. He will not do anything just to please someone
You've probably often meet guys who are starting to work in order to impress his girlfriend. Or men who read at a wine tasting to surrounding perceived as cool guys. You are also faced with those coming from the intended path to seem intelligent and enjoy even more your boss and colleagues. Mature as a man does not care what think of it around. So the man runs a sincere desire to become better, to gain new knowledge and develop in the direction that he has chosen.

He was involved in sports, to be healthier and stronger, he reads books and attends courses to expand their knowledge and skills in areas that seem to him useful and interesting. In other words, he knows who he is and what he wants, and he respects and values ​​the opinions of others, guided only by what he considers the best choice.

3. It does not create in your mind an image of the ideal woman
Many relationships fall when immature men realize that the image of the ideal woman, which they erected on a pedestal and admired all the time, does not correspond to reality. A lot of guys are on the way to the ardent admiration of senseless misogyny when their expectations are not met defrauded real women.

Women are the same creatures as men - they have their own strengths and weaknesses, wonderful character traits and venial faults, desires and fears. Mature man knows it. That's why he feels a lot easier with women. He treats them as equals, which promotes a healthy and real relationship.

4. The words and actions of women do not drive it into a dead end
In addition to being a mature man takes a woman as an equal, he also knows the simple fact that men and women are quite different on some levels. For example, biochemical, psychological and social point of view. We are brought up differently, and our brain is wired differently. Mature man knows that women communicate, fight and emotionally dependent.

That is why such a man hard drive to a standstill or angering women's words or actions, and it is more than the ability to look at things from different perspectives. It's all about a better understanding of the female soul and their body language.

5. It does not take offense
"Stay behind the anger is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die" - Buddha.

Quarrels will occur between family members, friends, lovers and colleagues. It's inevitable if you're with someone spend a lot of time. However, a clear sign of maturity - is the ability to cool down after a row and release all negative feelings. From a mature man you will hear the phrase: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I was wrong", "Forget about it, it really does not matter" or "it's all for a long time in the past." Such a man apologizes and moves forward. If you have harbored a grudge, it will only poison your relationship and lead to trouble.

6. He has no doubts about his appearance and style
There is one big problem - many men are not confident in their appearance, in their actions and in the way they dress. This uncertainty leads to fear, anxiety and anger that has a negative impact on their lives, in many of its aspects. Unsure man be afraid to experiment with their appearance, because they did not want to seem feminine.

The world is developing, and fashion sense has changed dramatically. Now there are plenty of accessories that can be worn by men and women. Mature man confident in his appearance and a unique sense of taste and style, and it does not care about the opinion of a few people who do not like something.

7. He was not moving away from his family
As the years pass and we get older, it becomes more and more evident the need to maintain strong family ties. There are some cases where a family is not possible to always be near. But most of us are able to afford to spend a little more time with our parents, relatives, wife and children.

8. He does not let anyone bully you
There is a huge difference between being aggressive and being assertive, or mature men do not understand. In a mature man enough self-esteem, self-control and self-confidence to set and control the border. If someone presses on him, pushing its boundaries, this man will be on his own, emitting strong energy. It is impossible to force to do something he does not want to, and just sit back and allow others to humiliate himself he did not allow it. There is no need to resort to rudeness and shouting, it is able to solve problems, while remaining proud and self-confident.

9. He does not complain and do not lose heart when confronted face to face with difficulties
Defeatism and complaints - these are things that the mature man does not see the point. In general, it is simply no time for them. Faced with the difficulty, this type of man is still collected, manages to assist, encourage others, and seeks a solution. Often, to solve the problems you have to sacrifice something and work hard, but it is not something from which this man dodges. He keeps a simple rule - it is necessary to put forward any constructive solution to the problem, or to remain silent until it is not there. Because of this people who are close to this man, feel completely safe and remain positive mood.

10. For him, the work is not something boring, with what he has to put up
While some people see their work as something that they need to "break", and after it go home and do what they love, mature man laid out on the work at 100%. He is always looking for new development opportunities, allowing take a step up in your career.

A man of this type is aware that there are people who depend on it, so his career is one of the first places. Continuous improvement and the desire to earn more - all this in order to be able to let yourself and your family some luxuries that will bring them happiness, and that is the main goal for this man.

11. He is not afraid to act and to make difficult decisions
The fate of each of us at least once in your life will be a time when you need to take a difficult decision. In order to overcome adversity, sometimes you have to think fast, and include its ability to act at the right time. Mature man in advance to discuss with your boss the opportunity to move up the career ladder try to dissuade the other if he started something stupid, even if one was angry at him in response.

Such a man soon endanger himself, but to protect their loved ones or sacrifice their comfort, if it will provide them with happiness. This does not mean that the mature man always knows what to do, that he is capable to cope with any situation. But he just tries to do everything in his power to get the desired result.

12. It does not set itself unrealistic goals
Some people often become frustrated and give up, because from the very beginning set themselves unattainable goal. One of the main aspects of maturity is precisely the ability to properly assess their capabilities, to be honest with yourself, allowing you to set realistic goals. Mature male patient enough to let and slowly, but surely, to go to meet their goals.

13. He does not let his ego get the better of him, or act impulsively
In the end, the real sign of the maturity of a man is his ability to control his ego, as well as before to do something good to think things through. He understands that his actions could backfire, so try to calculate everything beforehand, as an experienced player.

For example, he knows that shopping trip will put him in a difficult financial situation at the end of the month. In addition, he realizes that keeping someone hurt, he'll do just imagine worse.

That's what we've got - at the top of lists things that man must learn to do if he considers himself mature. Nobody is perfect, and every one of us probably would be worth to work on yourself, try to get better.



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