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Amazing story of Lydia Raevskaya that will teach you the concept of "karma" in relations with men

I have a son. Son of 17 years. My son had a girl.

Normal, like the case. And glad to me that synuli all right, but I can not. She does not like me.

Son, of course, not talking. But I was fucking straight as much trisёt when she called him at 12 at night and said: "I have the temperature 37, bring me apelsinok immediately" - and he immediately breaks down to the other end of Moscow, these Apelsinka, and comes home at 4 am. A 7 up to his study.

He stands up and goes. At five in the evening comes from the study - and once again with your favorite Apelsinka.

You know what I hate?

It is I. It is I'm 16 years old. Rubbish and cattle. The Princess and the valuable broom at all. It frustrated me all on the first call to Apelsinka and apricot jam. This is my mother hated all my fans. Hated, and did everything possible to their sons to me and approached.

I, of course, nothing like that will not do. Let it ride on the last train. And I will give him money for Apelsinka and flowers for bolnushechki.

But now I know for sure: karma there.

All thee shit 20 years ago - gave a strong seedlings. And crying is useless. And sorry for my little boy.

Not for your mom raised an eagle!

... And sobbed.

Lydia Raevskaya


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