5 things you understand AFTER APPLY TO YOU WILL like you deserve it

Enough to put up a terrible relationship with yourself! See what happens after you start to treat the way you deserve it!

There are times when a person thinks: "Wow! In the light of so many scoundrels / devchenok bad and I was "lucky" to meet with many of them ».

The world really eyeballs scored gamblers in romantic relationships. It is easy to lose in this game. It is easy to believe that the romance and nobility have sunk into oblivion.

In the end, the bad guys and bad girls are addictive. They wonder they constantly find themselves caught up in the adventure, they do not care about public opinion, and they simply live as they want. A significant drawback is relevant to you - as frequently used buttons to drain the water in the toilet.

It starts with small things. It seems he did not open the door in front of you, or she never listens to what you say. Sometimes it does not respond to you, but it manages to post a tweet about the performance of Lady Gaga at the Oscars (Aha phone with her!). Or is he nice to you only when it's too late and you're both drunk.

Your rich experience of such "bad relations" taught you to put up with this type of behavior, forcing your parents cringe.

But then someone comes along and changes all the rules in your love game.

He asks you why you put up with such a terrible attitude before. She confuse you when you expect that it is about to show bad character, but she does not show.

You communicate without some confounding factors, both of you are not drunk, you might even, dare I say, on a date!

Maybe it is not love (for now), and you do not get married and give birth to a bunch of kids with this person, but he or she will help you to come to this epiphany:

1. Wow! This man thinks I'm really worth something
Maybe it manifests itself only in the details, but you will be impressed when she quotes some joke to tell you two weeks ago

You think, "Wow! Someone really thought that I'm talking about something so important that it's worth it to stay in the memory »

Or maybe, you told him something very personal, and it did not run away, and you listened to and embraced.

You do not need to lie to myself that it was good for you, or make excuses for her. This insight fills your heart with happiness and hope, that in recent years really lacked.

Gradually, you realize that the person thinks you are special (special).

2. Because I ...
Not only is this man thinks you are special (special), but you do think so. You look in the mirror and say to yourself, "Hey! Beauty »

Not that he or she gave you confidence, but they have helped to realize how strong and beautiful you can be. And, hell, now that you have this newfound love for yourself, you will never give up.

3. Why do I have endured (suffered) all these imbeciles?
Together with the new confidence you have purchased restraint. You feel so stupid, recalling that he had met a man whose pickup truck brand-trick was the phrase "Kiss me if I'm wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?»

Damn, you were stupid then. In the stream of singles you have chosen the worst options.

Perhaps it started in the early unpromising relationships that have plunged into depression. After they all went downhill. One after another failed romance. You seem to have appeared at the bottom and did not want to get out, did not believe that you can get out and just be happy, you have been defeated.

But then the man threw a lifeline to you and called you to pieces, proving that you deserve better treatment.

4. How am I now will contact with someone who does not suit me? Simple: nothing.
After such an effective "treatment" your standards proved inadequate. The next time you play the game of love, you will be well aware of what you need.

Now that you know how to recognize and pick up artist devchenok bad. This time, their good looks do not deceive you.

5. Thank
I'm not saying that this man saved your life in the literal sense, but in an indirect - something like that, he (she) did. Your self-esteem has been below the level of a piece of gum, sticky to the pavement.

This man helped you stop and think about his personal life and how it negatively affected your previous partners.

Even if that person does not work (which is likely), remembering how you were bad, you still want to thank him or her.

Thanks to him, you guys have switched to a different level and no longer even look at those because of whom used to be able to shed tears.

Maybe she's not the one with whom you will spend the rest of her life, but she helped you get out of your dark cave and see that the ocean is full of other beautiful fish.

Megan Swiatkowski


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