Easy way to check, what matters to you ACTUALLY

Very interesting test, which will tell you about your life more than my mother or therapist.

Before moving on, make a blank sheet of paper and a pen. Once you read the question, write the answer immediately. Do not give yourself time to think. Write or draw the first thing that comes to mind.

Here are the questions. If you respond to them immediately, and without hesitation, you will be able to make contact with your subconscious.

Imagine that you go to someone in the woods. Who could it be?
You go through the woods and see close to the animal itself. What kind of animal?
What happens after you meet his eyes?
You continue to go through the woods. Come out into the clearing, which is the home of your dreams. How would you describe its size?
Surrounded Whether your dream house fence?
You enter the house. Go to the dining room to look at the dinner table. Describe what you see on and around it.
You leave the house through the back door. And you see lying on the grass cup. What material is it made?
What would you do to see her?
You come to the end of the courtyard, the center of which stands the house. There's a pond. What is this body of water?
How will you cross the water to move on?
It was a test of relational psychology.

Answers to all the questions that you have given, show your values ​​and ideals. Here's how to analyze them:

Man, next to which you go - it's the most important person in your life.
The size of the imaginary animal - it is actually the size of your problems within your subconscious. The larger the animal, the harder you live.
The way you react to neozhiidannuyu meeting in the forest - the most typical way for you to solve the problems (aggressive, passive or fleeing).
The size of the house that you see - is the size of your ambition. If it's too large, you may have high expectations from life.
If the fence is not you - open and internally free man. If it is, then you appreciate the personal space and the same expectations from others. Ie You never enter the personal space of others without permission.
If in this room you will not see food, flowers or people, then you will most likely deeply unhappy.
The strength and durability of the material from which made the cup - is how strong and strong you perceive your relationship in the family. Disposable plastic or paper cup? Glass? Chances are you anxious for the future of his family. If the cup has been in your mind of metal or porcelain, then you have nothing to worry.
Your conduct is the ratio of a person out of the question number 1.
The size of the pond - is the size of your appetite ....
The more "wet" method of travel you choose, the more important in your life is ...
You can take the test again and again with a difference of a few days. The fact that it does not reflect some basic characteristics of your personality, and your psycho-emotional state at the moment.

Jade Small


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