WHY cheerful people always late

A common feature of all optimists!

"I woke up this morning at 6 am, three hours before it was supposed to be in the office. Still, late for 10 minutes, "- writes John Nehltiuonger.

These stories are typical for me. I almost always late for somewhere for a few minutes. No, I certainly do not think it has the right to live according to some other rules, I do not mean it. I just can not. I can not be punctual.

I wake up early and always try to fill the morning, the maximum number of cases: A brief training session, breakfast, a review of the news, a little bit of time for yourself and painful search for socks and keys.

In the morning, I never look at the clock and think, "Oh, I still have a lot of time." One or two serious problems for 40 minutes and 45 minutes, the road to the office - that's the whole morning.

Wherever I worked, and which area would not have lived, I'm always late. And in the office, and at the meeting. And as I recently noticed I was not alone. We have such a lot.

Management Consultant Diane DeLonzor explains the newspaper The New York Times:

"Most people who wake up late, late almost always and everywhere - and it's neither good nor bad.

On the subject of delays was conducted remarkably little research. But some experts talk about the theory that the habit of being late or punctual sewn into our DNA, and this process is controlled by neurons in the frontal lobes of the brain. Who is late, it will never be able to fix it ».

Anyway, if you are - among those who has a habit of being late, you have probably heard a million criticisms in his address.

But I know that you are not lazy, not unproductive not inattentive. I know that if we ignore it your habit, the rest of you - the same as all, and even better.

You may consider this aspect of your personality psychological devices - no more, no less.

And yet that our traits have a positive side. And now we will talk about its hidden advantages.

Chronically late people are not hopeless - they are people of hope.
There is evidence that "opozduny" generally more optimistic. These sums false confidence that cases can be solved in a shorter time than others. They think that they - the guru of multi-tasking, but has long been known to do two things at once is unproductive.

Our unrealistic estimates of the time in the long run still pay off - in the other.

The researchers found that optimism improves physical health, reduce stress and the risk of cardiovascular diseases, strengthens the immune system.

Happiness and positive are crucial for life in general.
Having a positive outlook is important in order to achieve personal success. Studies show that happy people work better, are able to think creatively and are ready to sit in the office longer than the others.

Research State University of San Diego showed that personality type B, ie people are unorganized, are more likely to behave calmly and naturally in unexpected circumstances. This means that it is easier to keep a cool mind.

And they see the future, which is full of endless possibilities.

Time is relative, it is important to learn to live in the moment.
Time - a relative concept, it does not exist in nature. Recently, the scientific community was a stir about it. And if so, then and punctuality - it is also a relative. In different cultures to this human quality are different.

In the United States, people often interpret the delay as an insult or a sign of a bad work ethic.

It is assumed that once people are late, it means they believe their time more valuable than the time of those who wait. Americans are used to measure the money - time and time - money.

But if you find yourself in Europe, you will find that all people are different attitudes to time - depending on the country in which they live.

In Germany, in the land of eternal efficiency, punctuality is paramount. When Russian President Vladimir Putin late for a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Germans took it as an insult.

But if you get to Spain, there is, in general, do not care about all the time. The only thing here remember - so it is that the dinner should begin at 10 pm.

Drove in Latin America, and you'll find that punctuality is not at all irrelevant.

The fact that each of the peoples of their own way.

People rightly say that punctuality is bad for the economy in general and vital need to work was normal.

But if you look at it, with a capacity of working Americans, it is not difficult to guess that it's not worth it.

Less is - the better. For precisely the psyche.
We are late people have a desire to stop and smell the roses street.

Life can never be planned out to the smallest detail. Excessive binding to the schedule is the inability to enjoy the current moment.

Learning to live in the present tense - a vital skill to save the sanity. Sometimes it is much more effective "go with the flow" than to try to take control of what is out of control can not give in.

The more you think about the past or dream of the future, the less you have time for it to appreciate the wonderful moments that happen around us.

John Haltiwanger


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