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Inspirational quotes that can be an incentive for the great changes both inside and around you!

In order to decide on changes in their lives and to begin not just to dream, but to act, sometimes a person needs is not so much - just the motivation or time to hear the words. In today's collection - quotes that can be an incentive for the great changes both within and around you. Good luck and positive trends in life!

So, 15 inspirational quotes that can change lives:

The failure - it is simply the opportunity to begin again, but this time more wisely. ~ Henry Ford
If the problem can be solved, do not worry about it. If the problem is insoluble, it is pointless to worry about. ~ Dalai Lama
Even if you are very talented and has made great efforts for some results just take time: you do not get the baby a month, even if we make nine pregnant women. ~ Warren Buffett
Once in a lifetime fortune knocks at the door of every man, but the man is often in a neighboring saloon and does not hear any knocking. ~ Mark Twain
Our biggest drawback is that we are too quick to give up. The surest way to success - all the time to try one more time. ~ Thomas Edison
Personally, I love strawberries and cream, but the fish for some reason prefers worms. That's why, when I go fishing, I do not think that I love and that loves to fish. ~ Dale Carnegie
Waking up in the morning, ask yourself: "What am I supposed to do?" In the evening, before going to sleep, "What have I done?". ~ Pythagoras
Poor, unfortunate, unhappy and unhealthy is the one who often uses the word "tomorrow". ~ Robert Kiyosaki
Old people always advise the young to save money. This is bad advice. Do not hoard coppers. Invest in yourself. I am in my life and saved the dollar until it reached forty years. ~ Henry Ford
I want it. So it will be. ~ Henry Ford
I have not been defeated. I just found 10,000 ways that do not. ~ Thomas Edison
Hard work - a cluster of light things that you did not do, when they should have done. ~ John Maxwell
I used to say, "I hope that things will change." Then I realized that there is only one way to change all izmenilos- myself. ~ Jim Rohn
The lesson that I have learned and that should be all my life, was that we should try and try and try again - but never give up! ~ Richard Branson
Do today what others do not want, you will live tomorrow like others can not. ~ Jared Leto


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