25 tiny tips that can completely change your life

Sometimes, even the tiny changes can completely change your life.

They began to wake up earlier and spend more time in peace and quiet, while the rest are sleeping? The rest of your day will be different from ordinary days.

This, I realized, when I visited the resort in the Crimean village Uchkuevka hotel, which for me were so hospitable that I asked myself this question:

What small changes can change your life?
You can choose the number from the list below. Or at least one. It's not my thoughts. It answers that I got on Twitter to the question "The best advice you could give to you?". This list - the proof of man's wisdom. Enjoy.

So, here are 25 tiny tips that can completely change your life:

If your flight is delayed, it is better to stop and enjoy it. If the world froze around you - so be it.
That would not have told you your husband or wife, the first thing you need to hear is, "I love you and want to hold you in my life».
Finally Realize that life is constantly changing and nothing is forever.
If a person is wrongly snaps at you, give him a chance to talk. Maybe there is a problem about which you do not know.
Wash your plate as soon as eaten.
Practice day of silence.
Life would be easier if the solution simple question you will take no longer than 5 minutes. Hardly drags on - and you'll be much more difficult to resolve the issue.
Friendship - a gift, not a possession.
Many things seem important at first glance.
Before going to sleep, write down three things you want to do the next day. This will help you prioritize.
The most important tasks of a better deal in the morning.
Take all of your attention to driving. Security will be.
If you want a thing, write it down in the plans. If after a month you still want it as well - then buy. This saves you from impulsive spending.
Smile ... seems to solve many problems :-)
I love the house in which you live, and go to work on foot.
Expect small or do not expect anything. Then you will be more difficult to disappoint the outcome of events.
Include in the plan their affairs walks.
Meditate - it puts everything in its place. Happiness without cause makes your life much easier.
Do something relaxing before going to bed. And no computer or phone in bed!
Stop taking everything personally.
To avoid cluttering, Lay things in their places when finished to do something.
If you lick the glass before you drink from it, for it will not remain traces of lipstick.
When in doubt, take a deep breath.
Identify what is important to you. From the rest of the refuse.
Do not expect anything. Take everything.


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