9 signs that you already met her future husband

Signs that you have already met this man with whom you can spend the rest of life

Each of us in this life for something to hunt. Some want to become richer, someone wants to be stronger, someone powerful. Our desires characterize us as a person. But the main wish of all people - to love and be loved.

Love is a feeling of comfort and coziness. All the worries go by the wayside when you're in the arms of a loved one. You feel protected. You're not afraid of anything. You give yourself wholly and completely loved one.

When you're in love, you draw in your mind a picture of the joint future with your partner. But do you know for sure that love to the grave, or a short infatuation?

We may be conservative, but I want to believe that marriage is, fortunately or unfortunately, it is a goal in every human life.

Below we offer you to get acquainted with 9 signs that you have already met this man with whom you can spend the rest of life:

1. You do not need to pretend when you're with him
In good or bad period of life you do not need to play, you can safely be yourself when you are with your loved one. He will not expect you to suddenly become someone else. In his eyes, you will always be natural and the woman he loved. In your relationship is no place hypocrisy and lies.

He accepts you for who you are, and it does not matter, you say, do you nonsense, sometimes lazy to do something or hohochesh loud in a public place. He accepts you, because He chose you and you chose him. Of course, sometimes you have to play and pretend, but you are sure that will always be at the center of his attention. You'll always be his star.

2. Your happiness - happiness is his, and vice versa
You are already aware that he was the only man in your life, it is better than all of those who came before him. He wants for you all the best, even if your happiness he would have to pay dearly.

Your choice is disinterested, your interests suddenly become his interests. It happened once, but that's a fact. He brings pleasure everything that brings pleasure to you.

In the end, it can already safely distinguish what is not acceptable at home all that may be acceptable in the workplace. Working men takes a lot of time, but still he had learned in his busy schedule to find time for your favorite.

3. At the end of a busy day the only thing you want is to be near him
It does not matter in a bad mood or you're not, you should be with him than without him. As for you have no life in general, without his presence in it.

He listened carefully your point of view, even if has its own on this issue. He is patient and positive impact on the solution of your problems. Your favorite will not be straightforward to criticize you.

All these details will make your relationship only stronger and more stable. Now you know exactly what you want to be with him, always and everywhere.

4. Your sympathy and desire can not be overlooked
You compatible on all levels: physical, mental and emotional. The chemistry between you is stronger than any external factors. Sometimes the most important thing in the life of the human condition.

Even if you are doing something small, but together, such as jogging in the morning, then you already feel very special as it is just next to you. Your attraction goes beyond your bed, and spread to other places, even in the doctor's office. You can not touch each other, your craving breaks out. And you do not hesitate.

5. Do you want to share with him all that you have
When you paint in your mind your future together, it becomes the most important part of your life, and you're it. The idea that you spend with him the rest of his life, and he will be the last your man - absolutely not afraid of you. Being close to him - the most comfortable place in life.

When there is something beautiful, or you get the good news, the first thing you want to do - is to tell him about it. When the sounds of some "Honey" ringtone, the first thing you think - it's calling your beloved.

Starting with the fact that he ate for breakfast, and ending with the fact that he looked at bedtime - all you care about, do you want to know all about him and his life. Sometimes it may annoy you, but to give up his presence in your life you just do not want to. Do you have stable partnership, not just a period of love.

6. Romance for both of you - a necessary thing
Sometimes you think you're the main character of the movie "Twilight" with all its passions and romantic moments. Dinner by candlelight, hiking walks together, time spent in bed together - all that you do consciously, every one of you tends to romantic moments. Do you love to please each other.

He does not hesitate, he tells you about all their difficulties and their thoughts. You penetrate all the depths of his consciousness. He trusts you implicitly. He's your man, he is not afraid to show you my weaknesses, you're taking them. You take it for what it is.

7. Your love is boundless, and stronger than any omissions
There is no point in disputes and quarrels, if you love him, and afraid to hurt him. The ability to find a compromise - the only correct way out of the situation. And you'll both be happy about it. At the end of the day you will not have to sulk at each other. After all, your love is stronger than all these silly things.

8. He did not just listen to you, all he hears what you say to him
Your choice can read between the lines, he shares your needs and thinks about you and your needs. He understands what you want to say to him the first time, you do not need all the time to repeat what you want. You help each other grow as a person, and every one of you gets better.

9. He accepts you for who you are
Sometimes you careless, loud talking on the phone or do not understand some of his jokes, but he loves you because of these your quality. He inspires you, that all your flaws - it's your dignity.

He boasted of you to your friends, you're the best there is in his life.

Your future husband knows all about you, everything good and bad, but he appreciates you for it. You belong entirely to him, you're part of his life, and you're happy to know that finally found him.



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