10 is a sure sign that he is not mysterious, JUST A GOAT

Several undeniable evidence that he did not mysterious! And just umm ... goat.

Different things are mysterious and enigmatic. For example, velvet box under the Christmas tree. Or country music, wafting from a cemetery in the dark. Signs of lower - an example of the second type of mystery. Do not go to the cemetery!

1. A subscriber is unavailable
He briefly respond to your call or message hours so through 12. And on their own never apologized for the delay and did not explain her reasons. If you're still going to insist, then you will know that he was very busy all day, or completely devoid of any means of communication. Performs the tasks of the FSB in the far desert island, not otherwise. At the most dashing special agent in the same 12:00 absolutely mysteriously status will be updated in the social network.

2. Only a wait
Since it is impossible to make plans. He never knows how to "Fold it a week." Here's his unpredictable life. As a result, it keeps you on edge until the last, then canceled, confirming plans. If you are offered to go somewhere on Friday at 9 pm, his final SMS "Yes, we meet!" Shall come in five 9, when you have already given at the meeting to all the friends, angry, calm down and adjust to just stay home and relax on these mysteries.

3. Tender Beast
He is a very kind and gentle with you and somehow rude and cruel to others. Or rather, it is crude and cruel in general always, and you STILL kind and gentle. So far.

4. Secret treasure
You have until the end and did not know what he did for a living. Every time you ask him about his work, he gives some common words and walks in circles. Perhaps he secretly Spanish prince and yet you do not want to admit. Or, find treasure, yes.

5. Night Bird
You meet him only at a convenient and rather strange time. For example, in the night or early morning. Because of the very mystery of his work here such inconvenient schedule, and he'd be happy. And there they seem to drink. It is these, as they are, corporate parties and presentations.

6. Selective memory
He seemed to be interested in you, you're pretty sure he likes. But somehow, this interest is not enough that he finally remembered, do you have brothers and sisters, where your parents live, whom you work, and what you hate sushi.

7. Eyes opposite
In moments of intimacy, he never looks you in the eye. Well, in general it is not a fan of eye contact with you. Upon meeting his gaze often obscured some deep thought and floats away to the side. To the side of the other girls, usually.

8. The victim of circumstances
Whatever happens in your life, do you feel that your problem can not be compared with its terrible problems and dramas in his past and present. He gives you to understand that complexity is much steeper than yours, although it is not clear what happened to them is still going on.

9. Come back, I forgive you!
Every time you have to decide which of these relationships will not work, he does some sweeping gesture, kind of like proving his love (and your stupidity). About love, though it usually does not say.

10. Surprise me
He never directly said "yes" or "no", always leaving the door ajar, and making you wonder how else to please him that would do such a thing, how would dodge that you opened it as well as you are to him.

P.S. Yes, my friend, the ladies all too true. If she herself is with you, do not waste time in vain. The woman may have to be some kind of a mystery, but not so.


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