3D prosthesis derive a new type of prosthesis to a new level

The loss of a limb - a tragedy for the person. However, modern technology able to recover a significant portion of the functionality of the lost limb using prosthetics. Most recently introduced a new prosthetic technology, allowing you to create easy and relatively inexpensive dentures with a high margin of safety.

This technology requires the use of 3D printers and a special system of estimating the parameters of the rest of the limb. Currently, it is about creating strong, lightweight and functional prosthetic legs.

Work on the creation of such a prosthesis begins with a study of the anatomy of the individual. Using a specific system that examines the parameters feet, including the amount of different muscles at rest and stress, forms the rest of the limbs, etc. After that builds a 3D model of the limb, which worked through stress tests. According to the results of testing professionals embarking on further tests, to study the distribution of weight and load points.

Well, after all these tests company creates individual prosthesis. Material - titanium powder or a special plastic. The outlines of the prosthesis similar to polygonal models of objects in computer games.

Estimated developers, the cost of manufacturing the prosthesis is 1800 US dollars. But it is now, when everything is done almost primitive. When entering new levels will decrease the cost of the prosthesis, and quite significantly. To market the company must be approved by FDA, and get a little more money to start production.

In the future, developers plan to create a prosthesis and other types.

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