How much is an hour of your life?

Monthly income is divided by the number of working hours, for example 50 000 rubles. divide by the standard 172 hours = about 300 rub. / hour.

When you spend 2-3 tys.r. on the 25th blouse or overpay for something that big chunk of my life is 6-10 hours, throw in the trash!

Think you might have a whole day to work and devote time to something really interesting. And the quality of your life from the material point of view, nothing would have changed.

You do not just waste money. You make the most expensive for you man - himself - to give someone huge chunks of your precious life!

When you look at things from this angle, do not hesitate to ask for the quality of purchased goods and services, to tell someone "is too expensive, it's not worth».

This is a kind of compass for purchases: You analyze whether N-th number of hours of your life good or service.

If not, feel free to refuse!

If so, buy with confidence!

As a result, you get maximum value for the money spent, and do not let yourself "divorce".


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