Love God gives, so if a woman wants to help her husband ...

Love God gives, so if a woman wants to help her husband, she should pray that she had a love for her husband. There is a method Dovzhenko, who lay in the fact that he was just going to lovers of spirits and began to speak to them with love and open your heart to them, and they, too, started in response to open their hearts and thus healing takes place. Therefore, the wife must first love of her husband. Ways to influence her husband to pray, love, care, respect, there is still a very powerful way - feed it sanctified food. All the relatives are associated with one root of fate - if one person starts to pray, all the others are changing themselves. Who lives for God, about man, God takes care of itself. Why are we not immune to life? Because I do not have given their lives to God. When the death of a spouse is checked whether there is love between them. One day I happened to watch the departure of one person in the life of his wife was beside him. At this point I looked into her eyes, there was one blessing, one desire to help and serve him. She told me: I have no time to suffer and cry, I know I need him, he needs my support. I wanted to worship at her feet.
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