If the spouses do not respect (not worship) the parents of each other, the happy union they will not.

Why mothers climb in the case of their children. Now I'll reveal the secret. It turns out that the husband to the wife plays a significant role when her husband, that is, they have a boy is born, she carries her feelings for her husband's son, that is a continuation of it, her husband, her husband. Son - the continuation of her husband. It Is Clear? And when it comes to other women in his life, meaning that it was looking at him, it looks like on someone? Opponent, rival. And what does she do? She came, took his son and says, children are also to blame in part, and said: "Everything here is I love you and your mother I do not accept. Love you, mother did not want to listen. " As soon as she took such a position, the mother of the bones lie, but ruin the marriage. Infringed feminine vanity, I chose a man all. This is the end. And she begins to climb them. See what happens. Mother-in-law comes home and begins to teach her immediately, and she does not like. She's at home !? She begins to teach her, to make her remarks, in general, stick to it, bring it. And she begins to quarrel with her, it arises from the fact that the daughter-mother does not accept her husband as her mother.
How to behave in front of elders? In no case do not need to say, "This is my husband, and leave us alone." In fact, it was her son, and she has full rights to it. Has? Has. And the woman has a right to it. So they quarrel. In this case, a man must stop them. Say, "Mother, you are my mother always remain, my wife will be his wife. I love you both, please do not quarrel. " No man should take his wife's side in any case, against the mother. He should stop it immediately: "This is my mother, you have no right to insult my mother." All - it's the law. "I'll deal with it myself." That is, this conflict must reconcile the man. It must not go to the side. Understand women together themselves.
Serebryakov SV


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