Adventure Mask: as of parkour come to innovation in film

Some time ago I published an excerpt from the movie Hardcore Nayshullera Ilya - the first action-film, shot in the first person. To learn more about this, I exchanged letters with Sergei Valyaeva, producer of the film, one of the "bodies" who played the main character and parkurschikom. For filming "Hardcore" they developed a special kit, featuring a new way of fixing the mask to the head: near the mouth.

The idea to shoot POV I was born in 2007, but then it was not for the technology. I once bought analogvuyu security camera, connect it to the signal converter to be able to write on digital media. I attached it to the cap, and threw a ton of wires in a backpack - and so took my first video - but it was terrifying quality. Then I took a motorcycle helmet with friends and redid it. Even then, I was born to understand that to create the effect of presence, it is necessary to mount the camera is not on the forehead, and jaw. The higher nahodittsya chamber, the lower torso she vidit.No with motorcycle helmet was hard to run and I put these ideas to better times. And then came goupro. And luckily it bought Ilya (Nayshuller - director "Hardcore"), and lent me a couple of days ... I run about, took off material with your jumps ... and so it Ilyukha vperlis that he offered so muddy the video for his band. Well, after we began writing the script and think how to mount the camera. As a result, we bought airsoft mask predator, carved her and began to shoot first clip . Blockquote>

But since it was not designed for the camera, it was wildly uncomfortable: very sweating face, I szhevyval his cheeks and shook the image. When we started filming the second clip, I began slowly to design a special fixture for the camera. Surprisingly nothing in the world like that existed. And since I'm a designer, 10 years of doing parkour and for many years dreamed of shooting in this format, I began working on the clip and pulled her team this case.
And then clip a noise, Ilya called and said that we would do the film. Then there is an additional motivation to accelerate the development of masks. Blockquote>
Filming "Hardcore": Sergey Valyaev at work i>

Despite the fact that the camera mount near the forehead appears more natural when trying to look down substantially all drops from the body frame. It allows you to mount near the mouth to create a real sense of presence, which glorified the creators clip «Bad Motherfucker» and allowed to stay in the world's first POV-action movie. Same kit, which allowed it to remove, called Adventure Mask can now buy anyone .

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