VolcanElectric Mask is a skyscraper located in the crater of the volcano

In Iceland for decades, in full use of the numerous natural hot springs, turning them to electrical energy which is connected to civil and industrial infrastructure of the country. A group of Chinese architects in the project of a skyscraper VolcanElectric Mask proposes to use for the same purpose and active volcanoes.

It is believed that the volcano is best seen from a distance and only for tourism purposes to get close to him. All in the memory of the tragedy of Pompeii, destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius in the first century of our era.

However, there are people who do not agree with this opinion. Among them – a group of Chinese architects, who proposed to use the energy of active volcanoes in infrastructure purposes. To illustrate these ideas, the Chinese have offered the project of a skyscraper VolcanElectric Mask.

The main purpose of existence VolcanElectric Mask should be the processing of natural elements into electricity. Special device to convert the heat of the volcano into electricity, which can then be used for the work of this complex and makeup for many other buildings, even at a great distance from him. In fact, it will be a new type of power plant, generating green energy.
The creators VolcanElectric Mask also propose to delete the inside of the volcano special "tentacles" that will explore the structure of lava, to monitor her temperature and to predict future eruptions. They will be able to absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into dry ice, which is very necessary in cases when the volcano "Wake up" — it can be cooled flowing on the surface of the lava, so that it is not made up of residential and industrial buildings, located around the volcanic mountains.

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