Responsibilities of men in the family.

The activities of men, going against his nature, always leads to big problems. A man carries a seven goal woman - appeasement.

A man must find a work that will fit his nature, if he does not know what to do, he should do what he should do the people around them. In this case, he should try to the fullest. Gradually, through the activities for the benefit of others he will understand what he should do.

Woman's nature is expressed in her intellectual passions, and the nature of men in their activities.

If the husband wife respects, then from it will not need to require compliance with its obligations, she will do it.

When a man seriously devote their lives to something, she respects him, and this makes it possible to fully reveal her feminine nature.
Duty of man is to create a favorable external environment for his wife and children. The interior of the house - a woman's field of activity, and the field of activity of men - it's his job. For a woman is very important that somewhere in the house is worth and delivered husband thing is not where it is necessary - bring a woman out of balance and lead to conflict in the family.

The man should not stir up the inner peace of the family (his hobbies or working points must remain outside the family: pool in an apartment or an inflatable boat in the middle of the room - this is unacceptable!).

Respect for the wife for a man means that he should not discuss it with your friends. He must understand that its nature is very sensitive (up to 6 times more sensitive than men). If the husband says something to his friend about his wife, the woman is reading on a subtle plane and has spoiled relations with her husband, not understandable for her way.

Respecting man's wife does not put relationships with friends is higher than the relationship with his wife. Priority should be given in the relationship loved ones.

For children, the man should be the head of education. Daughter, he must fully trust his wife, t. To. He will tend to pamper her. Raising a son must be fully engaged with the father and make it clear to his wife that she should not spoil it.

If a family husband is engaged in spiritual practices, it gives your family a very powerful protection from all sides. Unfortunately, men rarely understand that the path to self-awareness is the highest manifestation of activity.

The husband should engage in moral education in the family, starting with their own behavior and be sure to discuss with their children how to live properly. Such conversations with his father develop the minds of the children. If the child does not develop positive qualities of character, the bad qualities of character will develop themselves.

If a woman is unfaithful to her husband, it means that she does not have enough protection (sense of protection for women - is when a woman believes her husband is better than others).

If a man is not engaged in self-consciousness, then, if a woman is stronger than him in these matters, it will take control of the family moral education into their own hands, and it will make the family totally defenseless.


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