1. The front door should be brightly illuminated
2. The TV should not stand in the bedroom
3. The bedroom should not be any water
4. Furniture, whenever possible, should be square or rectangular
5. The corners should be well illuminated
6. Do not place in the kitchen mirrors
7. Keep brooms, mops outside the kitchen
8. Close the door tightly to the bathroom and toilet
9. The height of the doors in the building should be 2-fold higher than their width
10. Windows should open outwards
11. Do not keep the house prickly plants such as cacti
12. In the living room, hang a photo of your happy family
13. The house must be fully ventilated
14. The doors in the house should not squeak and emit any sounds
15. Do not place the office and bedroom in one room, different energies will come into contact and reduce your progress in both areas
16. Do not hang paintings with scenes of violence, poverty, misery, death, loneliness
17. Do not keep the house stale products, withered flowers, torn clothes, trash, waste materials, empty cans, useless things and other stuff.
18. Keep your home is always clean
19. To reduce the unfavorable energy in the house holds a special animated yantra (Vaastu, Mahasudarshana) pyramid.
20. At least once a week to do a spring cleaning, get rid of accumulated debris, ventilate the house, wash it, fumigate all the rooms incense sticks.
21. Spouses should not use separate sheets or mattresses
22. The center of any room should be free of furniture, tables and other interior items


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