In Russia, few people had heard of the teachings of the ancient Indian Vaastu. It is believed that they used the Slavs, as Buddhist monks took over its elements and carried to China, and there are already formed on the basis of Vaastu teachings of Feng Shui.

Basic recommendations for Vastu

● House should not collect the garbage. It is particularly important to make it clean and beautiful in front of the apartment or house. If you have something dumped at the door, it is believed that it interferes enter the house of positive energy.

It is important that in the house was clean. If the house is dirty, then the thoughts become clogged, you suddenly notice that the husband starts to cry, angry wife, children became unruly.

● In the house there should be no unnecessary things. Of course, the need to protect the family and religious relics. But in other cases the old stuff are a lot of negative energy. We need to get rid of the things that belonged to the man who was sick and died.

Throw away old things, they have the energy of Saturn, the planet that is considered the epitome of loneliness, misery and problems. It is believed that because of old things in the home can not get new energy. For example, if you have the entire wardrobe packed with old and unfashionable clothes you do not wear for a long time, then you close the energy of Access. The universe seems to be saying: "Why do you have to make a new dress? You and everything went in! "And you really start to earn less. The best - simply upload your stuff to those who need it. If a woman is married for the second time, she had to throw the clothes in which she was dating other men. This is especially true of underwear, and moreover, bedding. Because all this bears a foreign power, and a man on a subconscious level will feel it. He may not realize why annoying, but worse is to treat his wife. It is believed that the old stuff left over from a previous marriage, destroy the new family. If you are seriously ill, and was a threat to the life, after the recovery needed to throw the clothes in which you were ill, to get rid of bed linen, on which you are sleeping. But there are cases where you can and need to store old clothes. For example, a woman living in a happy marriage, and she has a dress that is associated with pleasant moments. This dress can protect and even then convey daughter because it brings positive energy.

● No regrets throw away broken and ugly things.

● House items should be made of artificial materials - polyester, synthetic fabrics. Do not buy a home artificial flowers is believed that they take the energy of Venus and bring poverty. They can be bought only at the funeral.

● The pictures that hang in our house, you need to choose very carefully. There should not be anything that is associated with death, with despondency. Do not hang on the walls inharmonious picture. It is best to power the house affect the beautiful scenery, flowers, pictures with a spiritual or religious meaning. Teens love to decorate their rooms with posters favorite musicians and actors. Meanwhile, images of women or men with aggressive, violent individuals are very harmful, because the picture affect our subconscious.

● Make sure that you have at home it was always nice and cozy. Graceful, beautiful things made of natural materials bring to the house of the energy of Venus, which is necessary for a happy marriage, and material prosperity. If the situation at home is too simple and minimalistic, that a man at some stage, there is a subconscious attraction to other women, because it needs the energy of love and comfort.

Rami Blekt


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