The most expensive homes

If you go to the store to buy the bank dorogushchuju Chef Boyardee, since received a bonus at work and feel celebrity, then you probably still will not be able to afford any house from the selection below. And what is the most expensive in the world?

10. Homestead Rybolovlev - $ 95 million
Since it belonged to Donald Trump, is the most expensive house ever divided in the divorce proceedings. From the territory of 33 thousand square feet on the ocean has become a key part of the trial, when Elena Rybolovlev demanded compensation because of infidelity of her husband.

In house 18 bedrooms, 22 bathrooms, and it costs $ 95 million, making it the most expensive private residence in the country. Strange, but we found nine houses that claim to this title.
Originally the house was put up for sale for $ 125 million, but soon the price dropped to $ 95 million. It seems that the economy has knocked down all these days.

9. Silicon Valley Mansion - $ 100 million

Being the most expensive private residence in the United States, this house ... wait, are we not told that the estate Rybolovlev is the most expensive? Anyway, this house is worth all the 100 million, so we assume that he wins.

5 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, as well as indoor and outdoor pools (in case of rain), the whole house is gorgeous.

8. Fleur De Lys - $ 125 million

Though now this mansion on the world market is the most expensive house, Fleur De Lys only eighth on our list. Wow, that's weird, huh?

In the estate of Fleur De Lys 41 thousand square feet and 15 bedrooms, but apparently no one bathroom, which we believe is a huge mistake, admitted or architect, or the person writing the article, which we use as sources. < br />

7. The Manor - $ 150 million
Here, finally, is the most expensive residential residence in the United States, according to the "wiki-freaky-pediey": $ 150 million. Thank you, Aaron Spelling, for the (seventh), the most expensive house in the world.

56,000 square feet, 123 rooms, bowling, ice skating rink and is said to have an entire wing, gave a wardrobe wife Spelling.

6. Pinnacle - $ 155 million
The house, which is owned by Tim Blikset, Montana is unique for two reasons: it is a special chair lift directly from the house to the nearby ski resort (they also owns Blikset), and is the only house on this list, which obviously does not pretend out to be the most expensive in the world.

Well, and awarded him the title "the best backyard", because it's a ski resort.

5. Franchuk Villa - $ 161 million

This five-story 10-room Victorian villa also has an underground indoor pool, Panic Room (!) And a private cinema. In addition, it is the most expensive house in the world (of course, it is), it is worth $ 161 million.

Fantastic place? It is alleged that the noise produced during the renovation, very angry mayor. The house is located in London.

4. The Hearst Mansion - $ 165 million

Three of the most interesting facts about the most expensive house in the world at number 4: it was used during the filming of the movie "The Godfather", John F. Kennedy spent their honeymoon here. And (again!) The most expensive house in the US.

It offers three swimming pools, 29 bedrooms, a movie theater and a disco.

3. Fairfield Pond - $ 198 million
Currently, the estate is estimated in this way because of the property tax, namely 66 thousand square feet thereof. The mansion has a basketball court, a bowling alley and a hot tub worth $ 150,000. The most expensive house in the US (again - in accordance with the "Wikipedia┬╗).

2. Villa Leopolda - $ 736 million
Wow, that's a big jump in price. This palace was built by King Leopold II of Belgium in 1902 on the French Riviera. Villa acquired Russian billionaire Prokhorov, who is so rich that the loss of several billion during the recent economic crisis has not prevented him to buy a summer home for three quarters of a billion dollars. 27 floors, 19 bedrooms and is rumored to have 50 full-time gardeners.

1. Antilla - $ 1 billion

Here it is. What you've been waiting for. The grand finale. House for one billion dollars. Allow me to introduce: Antilla, in fact, the most expensive housing in the world.

Located in Mumbai, Antilla defies all your stereotypes that may be in the house and what is possible in architecture. 27-storey building has a six-storey car park, it occupied an entire floor jacuzzi, a gym, "ice room", a dance hall, several floors with bedrooms and bathrooms, and even four-storey garden. Yes, it turns out, it happens.

Architectural basis - traditional Hindu system of planning and design of Vastu Shastra, which is expected to contribute to the movement of positive energy. Accordingly, each floor has its own not only design, but also a completely unique set of materials, each room as if from another house.

This house has it all - everything you can imagine, all that you can not imagine, and all the things you would have never thought, because in front of you is one of the most amazing structures in the world.


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