10 life lessons that people learn too late

1. We live here and now
Your life lies not between birth and death. No, it is between your breaths. Present - something that exists here and now - the only life you will ever have.
So, try to live every moment of your life to the full, in kindness and peace, without fear and regret that you have at this very moment. After all, it really is all that can be expected from anyone else, including yourself.

2. Life is short
This is your life, and for it to be fought. Fight for the truth. Fight for what you believe. Fight for what is important to you. Fight for those whom you love, and never forget to tell them how much they mean to you. Realize how lucky you - because so far you still have a chance to do something or change. So stay the same for a moment and think. And if you need something done, start today - because you never know how much you will still be "tomorrow┬╗.

3. Today's challenges will pay off handsomely tomorrow
When it comes to hard work for something weighty, whether a diploma, the creation of the business or any other personal achievement, requiring much time and effort to achieve, you should ask yourself one question: "Am I willing to spend a few years his life as most do not want to live the rest of life as they never dreamed ┬╗?

4. procrastination makes you a slave of yesterday
When you are willing to take up the case, not putting them in the closet, the last day for you to become another friendly, always ready to remove the burden from your back. So try to do today, something like that, what would you thank yourself from the future the present. Believe me, tomorrow you'll be glad you did it today.

5. At any error can learn
Good happens to those who continue to hope, despite all the frustrations of those who still believe, in spite of the bitterness of errors to those who continue to love, even when love hurts them. So never feel sorry about what happened to you - it still has not changed, because time travel has not yet been invented. Better to take this as a valuable lesson, and go without stopping further.

6. You - Your Own Best Friend
Happiness - is when you please yourself, and for this you do not need someone else's approval. Before you can create a healthy relationship with others, try to make friends with him themselves. Before you can confidently look into the eyes of others and create a relationship with them, you must learn to look worthy of love and respect in their own eyes.

7. Actions speak louder than words
Going through life, you will certainly find a very regular people saying just the right words and saying them to the place ... But in the end you have to judge them not by words but by deeds - they will tell you everything you need and much louder. < br />
8. Even a small act of kindness makes the world a better
Smile people who turned out difficult day. Be kind to them. Compassion - the only investment which always pays off. And wherever there are people, there is an opportunity to show kindness. Learn to just give, without any conditions, even just a smile - not because you have too much of what you can give, but because this world is full of people who feel as if they have not left anything.

9. For each of the beauty and the pain disappears
You stumble and fall, make mistakes and suffer defeat, but in spite of everything going up and move on - you live and you learn life. You are a man, you are not perfect. But you were only wounded, but not defeated. Think how valuable this lesson - break, break, break obstacles to your goals, to what you like. Yes, sometimes it happens that experienced breaks your heart, but is not a sufficient price for the priceless moments of joy and pleasure? So go ahead, even when it hurts, because you know - that inner strength that brought you to this point, is able to guide you further.

10. Time and experience treating pain
When a few years ago, I asked my grandmother how to forget everything bad that happened to me, she drew two circles and said, "Look at them." Black circles - our life experience. My more because I'm older and seen a lot. A little red circle inside - all the bad things that happened to us. Assume that happened to us that something bad - the same thing. But on my black circle it takes much smaller percentage of its area. For you it seems to be much greater, because it is - fair part of your life experience. I'm not saying that it is not important, but I look at it quite differently. Understand - what is more important for you all and closes the whole world, eventually moved away in the past and will seem far less important as now.


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