How to learn English and not to die of boredom


If homework, "cramming" of words and many lessons are not for you, do not despair - there are many ways to learn a foreign language fun and interest.

Website offers 14 free resources that will make the learning process fun. Play, record, crosswords, funny sitcoms - choose to your taste.

BBC Learning English


Website for British English. A large number of areas, video captions and vocabulary, audio transcription. A separate section is devoted to pronunciation. You will surely enjoy the course 6 Minute English - a short, six-minute videos on various topics. Under each of them has a text version.


Popular social networking site for fans of foreign languages. Are you looking for a partner to help you pull up knowledge, and instead can teach him or other users of the Russian language. In addition to simple messages have a chat where you can communicate with foreigners in real time and prepare lessons and exercises in 27 languages.


On Busuu also quite easy to find an English-speaking companion (by the way, in addition to English you can learn an additional 11 languages). And the site provides a large number of lessons that will help to memorize words, pronunciation and learn more. This will verify your exercise themselves native speakers. And you, in turn, can check how they performed their exercises on the Russian language.


One of the most exciting resource that will be of interest to both adults and children. Members LinguaLeo have access to a library of video, audio and text materials; interactive thematic courses; Personal dictionary with associations and voice to every word; a set of training (listening, crossword, word translation); as well as the development of the magazine, which displays the actual and possible progress in learning the language.


And this site can please even the children. There are numerous written lessons and dictations. There vocabulary section, where you can practice the already learned word. For one course, you can explore up to 2,000 words. As you progress through the lessons of users simultaneously helping to translate Web sites and other documents. In addition to the website, there are applications for iOS and Android.


Many podcasts on various topics. Live English (US) language, covers all areas of life, there is always humor. Vocabulary by filing method rather easily digested and fixed.


The site contains all the lessons transfer to Dmitry Petrov's "Polyglot", which was broadcast on television. The author suggests you learn English in just 16 hours. Fully language because, of course, do not learn, but to get a good base of the most used words and grammar rules exactly succeed.

Twominute English1d84c17425.png

This resource is for those who prefer to watch the video. However, the rollers do not really two-minute and lasts 4-5 minutes, but hardly essential. You can upload videos to your phone and watch, for example, on the way to work - very conveniently and efficiently.

Learn English British Council83469f5fa5.png

Here you will also find a large number of training materials: videos, podcasts, games. And, most importantly, you get access to a list of exam preparation IELTS.


You can publish to test any material, whether it be writing, writing for a blog or homework. All this will be checked by a native speaker, registered on the site. As a thank you, you can check their exercise in Russian.


Video lessons on English language media. All entries are divided into categories depending on the user level (beginner, advanced, and so on. D.) And the combined topics: for example, you can watch the lessons to prepare for exams or classes that explain any nuances of grammar.

Exam Englishdeb11e872a.png

This site - a real treasure for those who need to prepare for exams IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and others. In addition, you can take tests to determine their level of English at the moment.


On Loyalbooks you will find over 7000 free audio books in English. It's very simple: Download and listen to your favorite book on the way to work or home.

Learn American English Online82948e69af.png

An excellent resource for learning American English. Placed online lessons are divided into 7 levels - depending on the complexity. Each lesson contains a number of materials: grammar, audio, test that will help you advance in knowledge.

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