How to warm up a car in the cold?

Several ways plugs "boiling" engine

Forecasters promised that this winter in the European part of Russia would be "a real Russian." If so, it makes sense to take care of how to start the engine after an overnight stay in the -30 and below.

On the verge

Minus 30 degrees Celsius - a psychological and ... technical milestone, after which many cars are already possible problems with running engines, and their masters - the excitement about it. Although Siberians and northerners do not get tired on the forums measure the minimum temperature the successful launch of their cars, but even AvtoVAZ does not guarantee that at this temperature will lead them seemingly age-old Russian creation. However, most modern (and not only) cars this temperature threshold overcome quite successfully. But frost below -35 ° C - is really a serious test. And these temperatures are quite possible and on the western side of the Urals.

Those Siberians and northerners have long been accustomed to the fact that successfully operate vehicles without any preheating systems simply can not be in the winter. What are my options?


Probably the most popular way - the so-called Autorun. In short the essence for those who hear about this for the first time. AutoPlay - a device (usually coincident with alarm) that without turning the key or without pressing the «Engine Start» engine starts. Running is possible or when you press the corresponding button fob alarm, or the algorithms used in the device startup.

The simplest design of the motor run at regular intervals (one, two, four hours), give it to work for 10-15 minutes, then jammed and start up again. Even at minus 40 ° C is well warmed the engine 2 hours does not have time to cool down to the critical temperature.

More advanced designs have a temperature sensor and a motor run on its signal after cooling to a predetermined temperature. Typically, such a sensor is mounted on the massive metal part of the engine. But there are, say, a strange device in which the sensor monitors the temperature of the motor is not that, in fact, does not have to cool down, and the temperature in the cabin.

Obviously, the autostart on engine temperature is more practical than the interval. Again, the qualitative insulation of the engine compartment, at -40 ° C it will work, maybe four times a night, and even less often, especially if you set the threshold temperature to -20 ° C. But such a threshold temperature - a risky business. Including because cold start at -20 ° C and -10 ° C - are two big differences in terms of start-up wear. Yes, and under certain circumstances the threshold of -20 ° C can not guarantee another successful launch. Personally, I am in their cars equipped with temperature startup, almost always exhibited threshold of -10 ° C.

Pros startup obvious. At very low cost, we obtain a fully autonomous device that is almost guaranteed to allow the engine to run in whatever cold.

Cons is not so obvious, though some of them are very critical. For example, a car on startup is not recommended to leave for a day or more. Stuck that accumulates in the exhaust system of the combustion products such as water. Or rather - ice, which one day may clog the exhaust path followed by the absolute inability to start the engine. The car will need to be towed in a warm box / garage, and then drill holes to drain water from the muffler and resonator. Although sometimes the installation cost of the car at an angle nose up - water (when thawed) spits at startup and subsequent intensive "gassing».

Next negative - it's peace of mind championing the environment. After all, the start-up and warm-mode exhaust is very, very dirty. It is for this reason autostart banned in the so-called civilized countries.

And a few minuses. It's not very big, but still significant fuel consumption per night. Well, blow-by into the crater, and increased carbon formation at work on a cold engine enriched mixtures. Also, do not forget that runs on startup car under certain tricks you can steal. All the more so in the presence of the immobilizer ignition key is necessary to put the so-called "lineman immobilizer", which is put another key to the car with "their" e-label - a good gift for the thief, is not it?

Finally, we must remember that formally parking the car with the engine running in a residential area and yard areas is prohibited.

But the horror stories on account of the fact that you can forget the car with manual transmission in gear, followed by unauthorized traffic on startup, unfounded. After installation is literate (and the exposed mode "MT" in the settings) readiness of the car to Autorun realized only under certain algorithm leaving cars. Motor after pulling out the key remains work and stalls just after closing all doors. If then the door opened, the startup mode is deactivated.


He is of two types: either installed in the engine block, or is a separate hub, connecting hoses with a small cooling circuit of the engine. This method of preheating the engine is the most cheap, safe and harmless in terms of wear and motor lifetime. And has only one, but an obvious and significant drawback - the dependence on the availability of outlets in close proximity to the vehicle.

Boil the coolant will not allow the thermostat is configured to 50-70 ° C, and in case of loss of coolant temperature switch off the power.

In the Scandinavian countries this method preheating extended to 99%. Nearly all private property and public parking terminals are equipped with sockets, even parking nearby water park in Helsinki. Well, the author of this article is not only aware of "snot" wires hanging from the windows and balconies to the parking places in cities like Surgut (hello especially zealous commentators article "Warming or not to wait?"), But he enjoyed a "line power "during the winter in Novosibirsk, living in an apartment on the 7th floor. Yes, from the point of view of fire and electric safety is not good, but the realities force. The main thing - to use the wires in the rubber, rather than PVC sheathed, and equip a separate line predohranitelem- "automatic". Well, hope that does not srezhut.

Autonomous heater

The most effective way of autonomous heating, but also the most expensive, sometimes. Especially against the background of today's euro and dollar against the ruble. Vebasto or Eberspacher Hydronic - great salvation in almost all frosty occasions. Only with frequent inclusions and short trips can discharge the battery, because the energy to his work, such devices are taken from the onboard network. There is a more affordable alternative to domestic - Binar-5. Rumor has it that the manufacturer has already overcome childhood illnesses of their offspring, and the latest models work quite reliably.


Once at minus 38 ° C, I started the engine of Honda Accord F20A after pouring into the intake manifold to four liters of boiling water. And another time at about the same temperature, put it on the valve cover of the motor Ford Fiesta flexible 5-liter container with boiling water and covered it all with a blanket. After 5 minutes, the motor started. But exotic - it is exotic.


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