Second Life Ikarus 280.33

My partner on the wrapper of car acoustics and continually sticks to drayvturu
I'm not usually interested in these pens, but today saw a car accident the day just ofigel.Rebyata, it's a masterpiece!

Further quotes will be the owner and rukozhopa under the name Eugene Barbas.

The history of our company has its roots in the distant 2007, when it seemed such a "simple" to convert the bus, well, for example, Icarus. Why is he? Well, firstly, it maintainability, at that time were all Ikarus bus depots, and parts sold in all the kiosks + bus fleets - they can be used as a workshop. Second, the "accordion" - a legend, a turntable, the smell of diesel fuel, the stove does not work - all these shortcomings have formed the "Leningrad" and "Petrograd" (I can not vouch for the others) a strong feeling of "native" of the bus). Third, it is maneuverability-thruster rear axle, and allow the bus is not to feel bad on the streets.

The bus was built almost 1, 5 years!


boys ready)

so he is now

In short, the outside + tehchast:
- Completely new double-glazed windows - glued around the perimeter
- Lined with aluminum bus
- Engine otkapitalen in 2008 (virtually assembled new)
- Similar to the suspension
- Covered with vinyl and perforated film
- Chrome caps

- Leather sofas
- Homogeneous linoleum (it has the entire thickness of the same structure - that is not afraid to "wear»)


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