11 facts about girls.

1. No girl will prepare a complex dish for yourself one.
2. 90% of girls are not happy with her figure.
3. Most of the girls under the age of 25 years may opt out of a serious relationship with a guy, if they are older guy for more than 2 years.
4. Girls never jealous rival mind, more important indicator for them are considered external data.
5. Any girl would worry about breaking a long relationship for over a year, even if she does not feel any sense of the partner.
6. When three or more women get together, they talk about men
7. Almost all the girls occasionally smoked, but prefer not to admit it to his partner.
8. Girls are able to buy jeans a couple of sizes smaller, thereby acquiring an incentive to lose weight.
9. No girls indifferent to cosmetics. Even if the girl is not painted, it has in any case the house there is a huge amount of "jars and sklyanochek».
10. Sometimes the girls are more attracted by the original box, gift than lying in it. Bows, ribbons, beautiful gift wrappers girl keeps for years.
11. Most of the girls keeps sms, postcards, notes from favorite guys.


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