3D printing with sand using the Sun

I hope you are not a child abused by insects, roasting them with a magnifying glass. But you already know that this is possible. Artist Marcus Kaiser doing something similar, only instead of fried ants had sand, and instead of the usual magnifiers - a large Fresnel lens.

His printer was named SolarSinter. It prints three-dimensional objects in the sand.

The concept is similar to a conventional laser sintering 3D printer, but SolarSinter much less accurate than laser. But do not forget, this is Marcus - an artist, not a scientist, and its development is done for the sake of art, and not to create prosthetic knee joint or vertebral .


Yes, this video is two years. But he stumbled on Techcrunch and then I - just today.

Source: habrahabr.ru/post/238317/


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