Diary began to make entertaining

In Smolensk school diary printed on one page of which was taken by photographer Adolf Hitler. Image leader of the Third Reich noticed residents of Yekaterinburg, which sold the diary reports e1.ru. Introduced plant, which printed printed products, explained that prints all they get from the publisher.

Image of Hitler, along with others whose names are included in the story, was taken over part of one of the lined pages in the diary. In the Executive Summary accompanying the photo read: "Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) - the founder of National Socialism, the founder of the totalitarian dictatorship of the Third Reich, the leader (Führer) Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany (1934-1945). The main proponent of the Second World War, his name is associated with numerous crimes of the Nazi regime against humanity - the citizens of Germany and the occupied territories, including the Holocaust ».

"Publisher" High School "," not yet commented on the diary.


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