Why the main issue is the question of "What to do?"

The question "What to do?" truly wonderful question. Because the answer is you can use immediately. Asking yourself the question "What to do?" and answering it, we cease to pound water in a mortar and begins to do something. What we actually need.

After all, if you think about it, all issues in human life boil down to the question "What to do". No matter what questions we asked and whatever answers we may receive, it will all make sense, and then only when will lead to some action. There is an action makes sense. No action – no point.

I mean, of course, we are in every moment of time doing something. The only question is what we do. Whether our current actions or not. The question "What to do?" serves exactly this task – to find the actions that will satisfy us.

Actions that will satisfy us, characterized by the fact that as soon as they are found, we immediately start to do them. We have no problem to "force myself" to do these actions. If suitable action is found, they begin to occur to us automatically.

Therefore, constantly asking yourself the question "What to do?" we constantly find the appropriate to us at the moment of action. And begin to do them. From this life very easy. After all, we are in each moment of time will know what to do!

Imagine this – you always know what to do. No problems choice. No dilemmas. You just find the right action and do it. In each moment of time. Constantly. Life.

Such a life will be incredibly effective. Ineffective after all, what is life? This is when we most part do not understand what we need to do and do what does not suit us. Because we don't know what to do instead. And if we constantly ask ourselves the question "What to do?" we will know it. Always.

In General, all the problems in our lives arise only because we don't know what to do. Even so, all the situations in our life become problems when we don't know what to do. After all, if we know what to do, then there is no problem. Because we just do. There is no problem. There is action.

All our life, in essence, consists of actions. We birth doing something. And now what we're doing. And will something to do while we exist. Action is the Foundation of our entire life!

Therefore, actions must be able to handle. Should be able to find the actions that will improve our lives. To do this, and we must constantly ask ourselves the question "What to do".

When we don't know what we better do, we want to do what you did before. Habit. Out of inertia. Because we just don't know what else to do.

And when we know that we should do our every new action gets better and better. And our life becomes better and better. Because we are doing it better and better by their actions.

So constantly ask yourself the question "What to do". This question will help you to find the answer. And then you'll know that you should do. And will do it. And everything in your life will be good. published

Author: Dmitry Leykin

Source: ezotera.ariom.ru/2015/02/05/chto-delat.html


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