20 secrets from women who get whatever they want!

1. Accept people as they are, without trying to change them.
2. To be feminine: to look after themselves, to dress in accordance with the time and place.
3. Do not participate in the debate, not to hold a grudge against the people and not be offended at all to find only the good.
4. Have a "cushion of financial security" (cash reserve for 3-6 months.).
5. Live for today and live it as the best day of his life.
6. Observe strict hierarchy of values: I, my husband, children and parents, career, friends.
7. always do just what you like and brings pleasure.
8. Trust yourself and people around.
9. Be yourself, be present, be sincere, to be a woman, ALWAYS!
10. rejoiced in them all, even the smallest of gifts.
11. Keep the procedure itself, house, husband, children and business.
12. To ask people to support and help when you really need it.
13. Telling people the words of gratitude.
14. Talk to people close to the word love.
15. To inspire a man to "exploits" and inspired by his "exploits».
16. Be a good friend to children, to support their initiatives and enjoy the success.
17. Believe in the best, even in not very favorable situations.
18. Making compliments and to be polite and kind to all people.
19. To realize their dreams and desires, any, even the most crazy ways.
20. Strive to learn something new, something to learn and grow!


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