TIPS Ayurveda to improve digestion.

Balancing the digestive fire - is a key principle of Ayurvedic medicine. Therefore, Ayurveda offers a number of general measures to improve digestion. Digestive Agni can be compared with the burning fire. If the flame is very weak, need more time to prepare meals. And the same thing, if the fire is too strong, the food can burn slightly. If we put a huge log into a small fire, it will extinguish it. Our digestive fire should be balanced, so that we can digest food efficiently and smoothly.

To do this:

• Eat sitting in a comfortable, relaxed and familiar environment, without turning on the TV, read or otherwise.

• Eat a piece of fresh ginger with lemon before dense food or drink pomegranate chutney to balance Pitta. (Admission ginger with lemon juice helps increase the strength of digestion. However, if you suffer from excessive Agni (Pitta), because of which too much internal heat and acidity, then, for you will be more useful pomegranate chutney.)

• Drink Lassi afternoon. (Lassie helps reduce gas and bloating. It is also very tasty and makes food more satisfying taste ogre.)

• Avoid proholadnyh drinks and cold food.

• Lunch should be the main and the biggest meal of the day. Dinner should be lighter and be accepted until 8 pm (before sunset). Meal late at night, and even more so at night sleep hurts: after 10 pm, the body works to burn toxins and continues to digest the food eaten per day. If you eat after 10 pm, from food produce toxins (ama), which accumulate in the system, and as a result - the next day you wake up tired.


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