Photos that are hard to believe

Horse in the Ocean

Sunset and the eclipse simultaneously

Shuttle launch - satellite view

Hitler before made a firm mustache

Crystals of pyrite in the form of a perfect cube

It's one photo instead of four

Marlon Brando before and after make-up for the movie "The Godfather┬╗

Fukang meteorite slice

Machine for laying bricks

Cloud in the shape of a flying saucer

This form after processing will be a 2-liter bottle

Manhattan in 1609 and today

Cabbage is geometric completely inside

Since cats see the world in the dark

The skull of the child before the change of teeth

Cliffs in Zhangjiajie National Park, China

Sea turtle moves by a jellyfish

Morton - sandy island of sunken ships in Australia

Squirrel with bushy tail incredibly

The sky in an umbrella - the annual installation in Portugal

Fish bred in an abandoned shopping mall in Thailand

Autumn on the Lake Pomorskie in Poland

The deepest basin in the world



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