Last Hero

On August fifth and ninety-two years old last survivor twice Hero of the Soviet Union, received this high rank during the Great Patriotic War - Talgat Yakubekovichu Begeldinov.
Pilot, Soldier, builders.
A short biography of him can be found on the wiki
But it just dry lines - was born, studied, fought, worked ...

They were not seen man that's just raved about Heaven. Which, for the fulfillment of their dreams, he managed almost without knowing the Russian language, their own transfer to Russian-language schools - and hard to learn, despite all the difficulties - in thirteen years.
At sixteen, he entered the flying club - and not without obstacles. We do not want to take because of the short, trying to cling to The origin - but the young Talgat got his - began to fly!
In 1940, he enrolled in Balashov military aviation school pilots learned to fly fighter planes, was almost complete training, but he was transferred to Orenburg - learning to fly bombers. Mastered bomber SB, I took issue, but instead of the front - study again, this time on the IL-2. Off and on "Ilyushin". Now everything - to the front! He wanted to leave the school as an instructor, but his sergeant Begeldinov achieved - in December 1942, he sent in the army.

Here's how it opisyvet one of his sorties:
On the approach to the Deaf Gorushke leading Major Rusakov radio reported a manual that on purpose to sixty enemy fighters in three tiers: the first tier patrol at an altitude of three thousand meters, the second tier - at an altitude of a thousand meters, and the third tier to the low-level flight near swamp, where we have to go after the attack target. Enemy fighters upper tier immediately clashed with our fighter cover.
I see that two aircraft from the front unit in flames, rushed down immediately shot down the plane of the first and third level. The leftmost link "Ilyushin", making a tricky maneuver to attack a target and winding through the copses, gone. Our trio was left alone. Leading Sergeant Petko gave the command to prepare for the attack. [46] time of the attack he was hit, the plane went up in flames and left driven sergeant Shishkin. I was left alone. That's one for the departed on a mission without an arrow. In front of me was the goal. Attacked unfortunate Gorushku over which just lost five friends, and make a left turn, left on low-level flight to the swamp. Now I had to go home. But before I knew it, the machine-gun went ahead on the right track. While thought what was happening, as another route passed directly over the lantern.
Quickly he turned his head and saw me attack fighter.
"Messerschmitt" behaved very arrogantly. Far from worrying about the defense, he attacked me from different sides, but to no avail. "I can kill" - I thought. He began to perform twists, trying to leave its territory. The height of the small, and below I am protected. Front German afraid to approach - knows the power of a frontal attack aircraft fire.
The rate I less so, and the radius of the bend is small. "Messerschmitt" tries to settle back.
Suddenly I had an idea - and why, in fact, I only think about saving? Why did not attack the Nazis? However, the case of air combat with enemy fighter attack aircraft did not happen yet. At the meeting, we were instructed to go to low-level flight, do not take the fight.
German quite insolent. High speed was now a hindrance for him, and he released the chassis to reduce it. It [47] somehow infuriated me. Well, I think that bastard, I'm not a kitten!
Very turned the car toward the enemy planes, took a pen over. "Messer" in the moment was right in front of me in his sights. I clicked on all the trigger. I can see the bullets pierce the fighter. It seems an eternity passes.
Fighter puffed, he collapsed on the wing and went to the ground! The pilot proved to be experienced: before the ground he was able to align the burning plane and dropped into the snow.
And my plane from stalling was in position snap. Somehow the car, picked up speed decreased.
I make a U-turn and I see as a fighter with guns running our soldiers. Now you can go home.
Early in the morning I was awakened by a messenger from headquarters. Dressed quickly and within minutes I had stood before Mitrofanov.
- Call of the division. Ordered to report immediately.
- What's the matter?
- I have no idea. About yesterday, I reported. Perhaps the details of interest. Go and tell the boss. You do not have to hurry: departures sure today will not.
On snow-covered field, then forest, went through the swamp in Andriapol. It can be seen at the headquarters of the division was waiting for me. Near the adjutant sat several civilians. When I reported for duty, they looked looked at me. The adjutant immediately offered to go to the office of the Divisional Commander.
I enter, I see Kamanina.
- Sergeant Begeldinov was your call. [49]
- Good. Sit down, - the commander pointed to a chair. - Sit down, sit down.
He sat down, took off his hat with earflaps. Cautiously looking at boots from them flow streams on the floor.
- Tell us about yesterday's fight.
Begin to order from take-off, I try not to miss even the little things.
- That I know - interrupted Kamanin. - I asked about this fight with a fighter. By the way, why are not reported to the commander of the regiment?
I paused in confusion.
- Your fight with a fighter saw the gunners. Flyer they were detained. I got a call from artillery regiment.
Confusedly I am talking about this fight. Kamanin comes to the door, he invites civilians. It was found that this Correspondent newspapers. I was literally bombarded with questions. The division commander explained that it was the first in the history of aviation combat fighter attack aircraft with this outcome.
He told me that I was knocked down a full-grown wolf. The German had the rank of major on account of one hundred and eight downed aircraft. He Plundered even in Belgium and in France, flew to the Balkans. Fascist would not want to believe that he was hit by a sergeant, having only eight sorties.
Kamanin jokingly said he should apologize to me: German asked to introduce him to Russian ace, but the meeting is not held. Then there were the wins and losses, he was shot down and had to wade through the front line - but he did not stay in debt - "October 26, 1944 Guard Lieutenant Begeldinov Talgat Yakubekovichu for bravery and combat skills shown during the liberation of the cities Znamenka, Kirovograd, for himself downed in aerial combat 4 enemy aircraft was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.
The second "Gold Star" Guard Captain Begeldinov Talgat Yakubekovich awarded June 27, 1945 for his leadership squadron and combat exploits at concentrations of ground attack enemy troops and equipment in the battles for the city of Krakow, Oppeln (now Opole), Katowice, Breslau (now Wroclaw) and Berlin.

Within two years of the war TY Begeldinov made 305 sorties to attack aircraft ground troops enemy in aerial combat shot down 7 aircraft. »

It was the first of its shurmovik IL-2, which flew over Berlin.

After the war, was the Air Force Academy, komandovnie Attack Aviation Regiment, and a farewell to the army - in 1956, Colonel Begeldinov dismissed from the ranks of the SA "for health».

And since 1957, practically until the collapse of the Soviet Union - to build. Built airfields - that led Talgat Yakubekovicha built airfield network in Kazakhstan.

Now he retired with the rank of major general aviation of Kazakhstan. No case is not sitting, for the soul - the apiary and for business - International charity fund to help veterans and orphans.

And I hope ёsche than one year of the fifth of August, he will gather at the table all their big family. Health to you, Talgat Yakubekovich!

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