ViMove system will help you understand what is wrong with your back


Nowadays a lot of people spends a lot of time on the computer and papers. Needless to say, a sedentary lifestyle leads to no good, this almost every day we remind specialists from the pages of specialized websites / medical channels, and other resources.

Some of us try to avoid back problems, doing workout, charging, doing in the gym, running in the mornings and evenings. But still, even in this case the spin happens aches.

And not every doctor immediately say what is the reason. Recently in the network has information about the system ViMove - a set of sensors and software system that allows to understand what is wrong with your back, and how to fix it.


Altogether ViMove three sensors, which are attached to the lower back. With their help, in real time, you can control your posture or see what the load is now coming to your spine and lumbar muscles. If desired, the sensors can not shoot, and leave at the time working at a computer in order to evaluate the load on the spine and tension in muscles constantly working group in the same lumbar.

The sensors transmit information to the receiver that all records and processes. And since the receiver can redirect the information to a PC, where all the information is displayed in a very visual way. As mentioned above, there is a possibility to track some of the data in real time. In principle, this system allows the correct posture and form, if it is not such as should be.

For the user, this device can be helpful, of course, but generally speaking, it is designed for doctors who can diagnose all sorts of problems with the lower back / back of the patient.

The system itself is designed by an Australian company, and has passed all the required tests in this country. So we can expect an early exit device on the market.



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