Vibrant Canadian tram

Actually, the new Canadian tram. Instead of beautiful design and black gloss, it was decorated in a bright red color. Naive Canadians somehow think that it will noticeably, and therefore safer.

As you can see, this tram - the most common. Instead slanted glass cockpit, cabin regular here and for something special there, absorbing the impact energy, the bumper.

The salon is very simple, the light is too bright. Looks very cheap.

Instead posh seats "for one", as the new Russian tram, stupid local designers have set the paired stool. No comfort!

For something made special areas for people with disabilities. And what if they really start to go, if they give the place?

Very strange, functionality, seat. Commercials and loads more people in the tram will carry.

Note door. Absolutely no design, as in the store. Is this thing ?!

Salon also strangely organized, he seems to be divided into several sections: wanna sit together, you want to stop, or load take me, or you're in a wheelchair - is also possible.

And it is very strange single seat. They say that some of the developers thought of that so it will be easier for fat people. Fools would chair with armrests there beautiful place.

You had it like? Sleaze.

There could be a sofa!

Unjustifiable luxury.

Instead of testing officials, trams are tested by ordinary citizens, the disabled, and even people with dogs.

You can pay card at the entrance of every door. Pay people fairly, ie for you, no one was watching, there are no turnstiles. You can pay the driver in cash or tokens.

Stoiost travel to Toronto - three dollars. The system is this: let's say you took a bus from the house that would get to the subway and the bus had paid three dollars. Then, you take the bus ticket, transfer and you go into the subway is already free. Then, you take a shuttle at the exit of the subway and going already from the subway to work by bus or tram - also for free. In other words, no matter how much you direct and where payment - once.

Yes, unfortunately, our Canadian tram no beautiful design.
He's not black, and very red. Its "nose" has the bumper and made safe for the city, and it is ugly. He does not have sofas inside, which makes it very functional chairs and inexpensive. He effectively used the internal space, which is very convenient for passengers and cost effective. It has simple details that make them easily replaceable and inexpensive to manufacture.
But is all that matters when your boss is happy?)


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