Our people are everywhere!

In the UK, 51-year-old Alison Whelan stole 100 local ferry Princess on the River Dart in Devon after two days used in itself, according to The Sun.

More than 30 employees of "first aid", the police and the Coast Guard for an hour chasing a woman. This is British policeman shouted that she Jack Sparrow.
During the chase, the ferry faced with all the boats and boats on their way. According to The Sun, a catamaran ferry damaged fiberglass worth 70 thousand. Pounds.
Climbing on board the ferry, police found the thief in an unconscious state. She was very aggressive vdrabadan and began to rush to the doctors and the police when they tried to take her to the shore.
During the arrest, Alison Whelan claimed that if she had not caught up, she would get to Saint-Tropez.

and so on! '51! as they say - only Russian as they can. Those guys like that. a state of mind. and is age and sex.


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