What will happen if a shark extract from water ?!

Sharks - being very mysterious. If a shark out of the water extract, it will be crushed by its own weight.
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The skeletons of sharks are very different from the skeletons of bony fish and terrestrial vertebrates. Their skeleton made of cartilage and connective tissue, which means that they cartilage. The fact that this reduces the weight of the shark skeleton means that a shark saves energy.
Sharks do not have chests in order to protect their internal organs, and when they find themselves out of the water, they can very easily crush itself by its own weight. When they are in the water, the buoyant force acting against their weight, and do not let this happen.
Sharks do not have gas-filled swim bladder for buoyancy as other fish, and therefore must use their pectoral fins as well as aircraft use their wings. This is called "dynamic lift." When they swim, they have their fins in a certain way in order to create a lifting force that allows them to stay at a certain depth.
There is a myth that sharks have to keep moving to breathe, but in fact they must keep moving to stay afloat, as they have no swim bladder. For the same reason, they are not able to go back, or hang on the spot. In moments of rest, most sharks pumping water through their gills to ensure a constant flow of water saturated with oxygen.

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