Scientists were able to capture the shark cannibalism

This is because the predator in this situation is vobbegong, which is a type of "carpet sharks." As their name implies, "carpet shark" is usually flat shark pattern-masking on the body, she spends most of his time hiding on the ocean floor. As a rule, they dine on small fish and invertebrates, but vobbegong can dislocate his jaw to get more production - in this case, Brown-bamboo shark.

Researchers managed to capture a shark-cannibal, described his meeting with her in the magazine "Coral Reef". At noon on August 1, 2011, the census of fish on the coastal reef, the authors encountered the shark lying on the bottom vobbegong head Brown-bamboo shark mouth.
"Within 30 minutes of seeing a shark is not changed position vobbegong not swallowed a bamboo shark. We believe this process could take at least a few hours ».

"Previous studies have found in the stomachs of" carpet sharks ", the remains of its fellow, so we knew that such situations occur. But these photographs - the first imprint of such actions. And when faced with the infinite greatness and a change of the natural world, all that I can think of to say is: "Damn, this shark eating another shark. '"


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