He will not Dimon (13 photos)

Press Secretary Dmitry Medvedev Natalia Timakova struck the bloggers allow themselves familiarly refer to the head of government. Medvedev reacts to criticism adequately, according to his spokesman.

"Upsets most common everyday rudeness. I do not understand people who are on probation, on Facebook they write: "Well, Dimon, you're done, lit." He will not, "Dimon"!

He is chairman of the government. It is not necessary to call him Mr President, but you can at least "Dmitry," and "you"?

That statement blew Runet. This violent reaction blogosphere did not show almost from the time of the flight Putin and Siberian Crane. Less than an hour later, Dimon and hashtags # # YaneDimon out tops in the Russian-language Twitter.

"He will not Dimon & quot; - PR is not the first failure of Medvedev. When he was revealing his president was the infamous visit of journalism of Moscow State University (the reaction of the students were not included in the meeting due to the fact that their places were taken by the participants of the pro-Kremlin movement "Nashi", not long in coming). Outstanding was also a gala premiere at the check-out area in front of the residence in Gorki on colored "BMW X5» to announce the introduction of confiscatory fines for drivers. But the current output - one of the most significant.

"Timakova - award for promotion of Chef! Finally # Dimon walked Vova! "- Saysgruppa_GS. And she was absolutely right: the nickname stuck firmly now the prime minister will be called just that. And this, as we have seen, it's frustrating. I would like to understand - whether the environment is Dmitry Medvedev, what is his real authority, "the people"? Judging by the performance Timakova - not very.

According to "Levada Center", in December 2010, to vote for Medvedev in the next presidential elections in Russia was prepared to 21% of Russians, Putin was ready to give their votes 31% of potential voters, Zhirinovsky and Zyuganov had a modest five percent, and the rest - and less. By February 2013 to vote for Medvedev agree there were only 2%, it avoids almost all potential competitors: Zyuganov (8%), Zhirinovsky, and Prokhorov Shoigu (4%). A ten-fold (!) Drop in Medvedev's rating reflects not only and not so much about the artificial origin of its former popularity - after all, the prime minister is still not coming off screens goskanalov (the main pumping means political ratings). Obviously, the Russians against him carried a serious reappraisal. Medvedev is no longer the leader of the "ex officio," as it was during his presidency. He could not become the leader of "vocation": after castling in tandem, he repeatedly demonstrated presidential ambitions, but never - that sincere commitment defined set of values ​​that would have allowed him to rally the people around him.

Give up the fight for the presidency, while Medvedev refused and the liberal rhetoric that had spawned part of Russian society hope for a change of political course in the country. He swiftly mimic ideologically towards the "United Russia", which is also ex officio headed.

Of course, the change of priorities for policy - not a mortal sin, and sometimes even a vital necessity. However, the rapidity with which Dmitry Medvedev, "reforged" from liberal to guardian, dumbfounded.

Reason outright contempt, which demonstrates a significant part of the Russian Internet to Dmitry Medvedev, lies precisely in the wrong combination of his lack of independence as a politician and his claim to be the leader ("Responses from you and all that I am saying, is cast in granite"). "Think, is there for you to respect it - refers to the blogger Oleg Kozyrev premiere. - Respect together with the position is not passed, and it is impossible to buy. Maybe this is what you and hurt? »


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