Ustyurtnye expanses

The richness of the land in Western Kazakhstan is not limited to the subsoil. Here is a unique landscape diversity. Desert of several species are replaced by picturesque ledges - chinks through which Ustyurt known throughout the world. Their height reaches 350 meters of continuity, and the age of the layers estimated by scientists at four hundred million years.

Way from Almaty to Mangishlak runs through almost all of Kazakhstan. On the border of Aktobe and Atyrau regions we had to pass the chalk mountains Aktolagaj - the bottom of an ancient sea age of tens of millions of years.

Here at every step there are ancient deposits of shells, remains of sea urchins and mollusks, fossilized coral and other treasures of the seabed. The lucky ones are there teeth of ancient sharks.

Not the white rook, not chalky pyramid tract Aktolagaj.

Bozzhira - the most entertaining portion of the western escarpment Ustyurt. Ridge, folded remnant rocks, surrounded on three sides by white chalk plains.

The most famous attraction here - the two mountains called Fangs. Sugar peaks higher than 200 meters reach for the sky.

In the area of ​​Becket-Ata often found mouflon. They do nepuglivye and even with some interest watching travelers.

"Ships of the Desert" can be very useful approach landscapes Mangishlak.

In Western Kazakhstan is practically nonexistent cattle. Around here only camels and horses.

Depression Karynzharyk - Landmark Ustyurt Reserve and most south-westerly point of Kazakhstan.

Depression is a mark of 75 meters below sea level. During these spills salty pools, filled with water, turn into thousands of mirrors.

Aktau met us good weather and pleasant sea breeze. The city was surprisingly green and very hospitable. Now a thriving city of Aktau built here in 1961, "uninhabitable" land. Today it exists thanks to the unique desalination system running on natural gas, and at the Union energy source for desalination was peaceful atom.

Happy Aktau residents can afford to enjoy the sea every day.

Modern day and romantic at sunset Aktau.

In the center of the city - the eternal flame.

In the waves of the Caspian Sea washes the shores of western Kazakhstan, focus the incredible power of the water element.

Huge layers of salt water rolled on rocky and mold sculptures from coastal stones.

In the Caspian Sea there are coffee landscapes of tropical paradise - clean and clear water, colorful carpet of algae in stone islands, white sand, idyllic beach picture.

We struck an unprecedented number of water snakes on the shore and in the water of the Caspian Sea.

Well, that snakes are not poisonous, but the size of some specimens inspire fear.

Near Aktau most enjoyable pastime for Blue Bay is considered, or tulkus, which means "fox place».

Spherical concretions - legend Mangishlak!

Field of globular concretions Torysh resembles a pool table.

Some balls are split, and you can watch them in the context.

Napolzaya each other, stone balls create images of unseen monsters.

Another attraction of the peninsula - Mount Sherkala.

Sherkala and her little animated copy.

Old limestone mountains Ayrykty far from Sherkaly. Once their tops protruding from the waters of the ancient sea, the islands were.

The cave in the mountains Ayrykty. Most likely, she served as a den of wild animals, as on the floor in her everywhere gnawed bones lying around.

Almost in the middle of the path in Beyneu Bozoi dull orange endless desert right by the road falls in northern giant white salty rubbish.

At the curb a few ancient tombs - mutilated, partially exposed, with broken kulpytasy, hot from the sun.

Way back ran past the Aral Sea. Sad evidence of an ecological catastrophe - rusty ships in the middle of the salt desert. Etosha - a dangerous place for cars and the latest marina Aral ships. Once they are sailing, and now forever frozen in the sandy sea.

Ships of the desert ...

In the inhospitable desert conditions outlandish alien from tropical countries seem to bee-eater with bright plumage.

The complexity in the Kazakh desert are not only harsh climatic conditions, but also the need to avoid encounters with small but dangerous creatures.

The Lark Farm well camouflaged in the grass. Find this - a great success for the photographer.



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