The senior knows best

In Peterhof on the lawn lay a dog pack in amazing configurations - strictly circumferential noses out. As the rays of the sun, their bodies tails pointed to a hefty sobachische in the center, call it the leader. He carelessly sprawled on his back unconscious, legs sticking out in different directions.
The leader suddenly raised his head and perelёg on its side. He looked stalled passer in the eye and said lazily, "Woof!". Around sounded: "Tyav-tyav-tyav!". All were in favor, too, staring at the man.
But the leaders yawned and looked the other way and said, "Woof" - even more menacing.
Doggie surrounding all jumped to their feet and blushed frenetic barking angrily looking in the same direction.
Just like people ...


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