Google closes service "Questions and Answers"

On June 23, 2014, Google translate in reading another "unnecessary service." This time it was the service "Questions and Answers". Here he writes about the reason for the closure of the company:

Questions and answers were developed when the Internet was not enough useful information in the languages ​​of some countries. However, the situation has changed and there are many similar services, in which users themselves can create content.

Questions and answers that you previously added, will continue to be available for searching and browsing, and new ones will be accepted. Blockquote>
 Well, say goodbye to another is not the worst service "Corporations Good", which was virtually the only source of truly adequate answers to the questions. Would you use this service?

ask questions and get answers
to answer questions of other
find answers to already asked questions
unsuccessfully asked questions
finds useless answers to the questions asked < I found out about the service of the news Only registered users can vote in polls. Sign , please. 648 people have voted. 86 people abstained.



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