Google untied from Google+ Photos and turned into an unlimited storage of photos and videos

Google is moving away from Google+, the ambitious project of social network, which has not attracted wide user. But in order not to throw out with him a few convenient features, the company provides them separately.

Now to the two main services, located in the cloud, Drive and Gmail, добавился another , Photos. The service is intended for storage of photos and videos uploaded by the user.

The main distinguishing feature of the service was the promise of unlimited space to store your photos and videos. The help system indicates that this storage option called «High quality», for pictures taken up to 16 megapixel cameras and video quality up to 1080p.

The method of storage «High quality» in the help section is advertised as a way to "store photos and video quality while reducing their size." In this method, the storage of photographs stored in a format lossy compression (JPEG) may be automatically clamped Google server to the setting «jpeg quality 92". The company claims that this was done only in cases where the "possible clamping without loss of quality».

To reduce the service will only have a short photo in JPEG. Compressed format without loss of quality, or no compression (PNG, BMP) remain in the original. It is difficult to say what is the saving in this method of operation. By the way, get unlimited storage space for all the files do not get - when downloading service scans the file and if it's not a photo or video, and, for example, rename the file, it does not get to the store.

The second method, «Original», is offered for those who do not want to lose as photographs. They will not be pinched. However, in this case, to provide unlimited space Google will not, and offers all the same free 15 Gb, which can be upgraded to 100 Gb for $ 2 per month or up to 1 Tb for $ 10 / month. Limited space is divided among themselves all the three services - Photos, Drive and Gmail.

Thanks to the "cloud" services, access it from any device. The company has tried, and released a client applications for mobile phones based on Android, iPhone, iPad and desktop version for Windows. The program provides the ability to automatically download new photos to the cloud.

It would not be a service from Google, if it does not provide additional opportunities to search for images. Shortly after downloading photos are automatically processed by the system of recognition. When you go in search of photographs, they are divided into three parts - the "people", "things" and "place".

In the "people» Google recognizes faces in photos and automatically groups them if it considers that the photo depicts a man.

The "field" is used to label geographic photos if they were in the files. Sometimes, when there is no label service can recognize famous architectural structures and assign photos "place" automatically.

The "things" service tries to recognize all that is in the photos, and groups them into "found" them things. Recognition errors can be corrected.

Like the version for Google+, the service can automatically generate the "History", grouping by time and geographical marks photos and videos, and even adding to them automatically the way you move the map.

Downloaded pictures can be spread by album. By default, they are in the private domain. You need photos and stories you can share with the help of references.



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