Ship for children.

Hello everyone! I noticed that most of the local audience, a positive attitude, to every kind rukozhopstvu, here I am one of his wanted to light here. It all started with that a year ago, in kindergarten, which goes to my daughter, changed the window sills. The old window sills were broken and discarded in the street, put PVC. Our teacher asked whether it is possible from them to do something in the likeness of a ship, to the playground, because it very much, we had modest. So: boards were (without self-pity interior machine) moved into the garage, went as long as I got to the b / y of lumber do not remember, but not immediately, like something invented on paper to begin with, but nothing in the end nenarisovalos, gone the garage will improvise ... 27 pictures gone ...

And so in the case: first I put the board and figured how long the ship will just do to place two benches, two young sailor, well, plus a captain at the helm, if in a big way. The most important tool in shipbuilding - the ax!

And so in the case: first I put the board and figured how long the ship will just do to place two benches, two young sailor, well, plus a captain at the helm, if in a big way. The most important tool in shipbuilding - the ax!

2. Next, began to withdraw some lines to think about the height of the boards, technological holes for mounting, etc., I would like to eventually went
Still the ship, and not like coffin.

3. In the garage of the previous owners was something that
could be useful, he unearthed an old handle of an ax while she served as a guideline for the mast ...

4. In this photo, a big leap: the handle of the ax migrated to the nose, there is and will remain with the board, with the help of purchased gasoline burner was removed a thick coat of paint all who do not know: the burner warms portion of the board as the paint swells, gently cut off its rather narrow trowel, important not to overheat the board otherwise burns and darkens, and sanded and free of a lot of things have ... Jigsaw sawn holes for the anchor chain, the windows in the back and in the marginalia sawn holes that need

They were sound like cannon shells with a wick)). Parallel wiring was done in the garage because of the former owners of electricity in the inheritance has not been,
so had to cut the house, delighting neighbors o_O

5. Here I kept going the height of the mast, rope, too
found in deposits ...

6. detour, look, pretend roulette
We measure the height of the mast of the future.

7. On the right board brushed, left after the removal of the paint burner, houses in the evenings slowly polished by hand trowel with sandpaper, sanding
I had very carefully, because the gentle ass hurt small splinters sailors, categorically does not like.

8. I had to carry home from the garage of the house to the garage, some parts of the boat. I pass to stuffing, namely the wheel, a ship without a rudder? I thought a thought primastyrit that would be like a steering wheel, in the end decided to do it himself, he took the two pieces from the same window sills, folded along a diameter estimated that it is necessary to get!

9. took the compass, began what conclusions did not notice how to draw something, I think many have pointed out, it would be as a turning
mechanism, but it is bearing made in USSR, from 11kilovatnogo motor, why this? Yes, because I have a bunch of them and because of the large size of the bearing course at the helm will be a little harder to keep spinning like a propeller

10. nasverlil screwdriver openings for penetration sawing jigsaw and raced ...

11. both went their manufacturing anchors will be a couple, everything just pieces of plywood, pencil, jigsaw and the same gentle grinding process.

12. As the handles on the steering wheel, wanted to find a wooden handles for files, but alas, wander around the shops found only plastic, I do not like, I found a way out, bought a sapling for brooms, sawed pieces of desired length, whittle a little bit to fit snugly into the wheel . resurfacing.

13. This is what is obtained, logs at the center will serve as a plug for the bearing on the cogs, well malomalski aesthetics all cases, the same will be from the inside.

14 bought the chain meter long, aluminum, thick cable, make a ring on the armature connected together temporarily.

15. continue the process of splicing joiner's glue, the two halves of the steering wheel. Yes Yes No I have had a large clamp izgalyatsya it like that. If anyone thinks that the connection is unreliable, I can assure you that you are wrong, before it was tested on a scrap piece of wood, I was very pleased with the result.

16. The fitting of the handles and the wheel bearing, under the handle at the wheel, were drilled hole puncher.

17. In the center of the bearing was driven Chopik glued, pasted outside of it too, I sat perfectly still. That he will be joining the mast (in my
design exactly)))

18. The garage has been sawn, planed and sanded house mast, it is also in a long sill.

19 in the garage she was wrapping up in the roofing material tehnikol under fire burner, that dug into the ground and rotted

20 are painting, piece by piece I drive everything back here. First, all covered with antiseptic, to live on the street all in long, then two coats of varnish Yachting, the pictures will not be visible, but the paint gives depth tree structure and everything was gladenko ...

21 here I decided to emphasize the cannon shell from the inside painted it black, for some reason I decided that it would be clear that this is a cannon shell o_O

22 houses made cross mast, although maritime notions, it is not called so, and the entire mast is not called mast shorter than the sailors do not kick much, my grandfather on a ship in the Soviet-Japanese war, but her grandson did not have time to explain that there's what.

23. Mark up and do chisel seat for Chopik (shaft) of the bearing. Shaft and mast at the junction drilled through, there will be a bolted connection.

24. collect it all together. hammer to fine tune ... Then all was going, customized, lachilos. The back and marginalia were docked
corners, sides are twisted together large screws, small boards that are in the middle, were drilled and hammered wooden Chopik half of a large board on the glue + screws

25. During Construction, and in general any of my manipulations, followed buns, with a broken left paw on the photo, it is worth with the spokes, with the flight of the 5th
floor was unsuccessful, the bird is not caught and she never learned to fly. Those who put down the window without mosquito nets open, scolded.

26. Launch of the site in the rainiest day of the summer, I am lucky ... but it was nowhere to retreat unloaded, assembled in the gazebo, you should have seen our governess, she rejoiced new thing more than children in general and our educators the most good!

26. In the hold of the ship, I poured the sand to not get dirty team, I thoroughly planted a mast, to promptly inserted fragments of bricks, rammed good, nothing happened ... in the late autumn were herded into the ship docks (basement) for the winter, so as not to spoil it for cleaning snow on the court ... people
They take care of things and respect the work of others - it pleases.

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... In terms of the helicopter was already finished drawings are, considering the material (water-resistant plywood, lumber, you need a lot), is a man who wants to
help build on his gazelle bring to kindergarten, but alas is not, the money goes in other directions, to repair a
Only the machine took a lot of well-pitched in the courtyard, in the parking lot and drove away, restoring itself, but that's another sad story ... and that's what wanted to write until your children are young, so have time to participate in their children's
life, that's just like a diaper changed, and after two years in school ... ALL


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