Machu Picchu and far Google office

About how I took it and went to South America h5> This post - the story of my trip abroad in the form of advertisement company Google for programmers. Although since the writing of the text took some time, and I have long been in Google'e not work, I want to remember my graphomania my stay at the same time telling readers how pleasant to work in, as we all know, the best employer in the world. i>

This story began long ago, in hot Israel, where visiting a classmate I casually started talking about what the rules Google'e allow employees sometimes work in the office in which he wants to, and near which appeared on their personal business. And he classmate urged me how should I use this, the benefit of a vast geography (and that's the way list ). But history has stalled about a year until the two classmates, friendly and energetic, and then I thought: it's time! South America - the most it.

Since the teleporters still being developed in Google'e, and can not divulge the secret projects, I bought a plane ticket and 11 hours rest from wi-fi, gprs, edge and sms.

At the edge of the earth proved too ordinary people live. And yet I was very pleased when Atmosphere saw a familiar face at school. The second of my joy was a small card that is inserted in the smart phone and connects it to the local internet. Finally, mobile applications have acquired a special meaning. Why airports are still not worth a special kiosk right in the arrival hall?

I could get lost in a big unfamiliar city, but fortunately my schoolmate settled near the lighthouse. But the office had yet to find in the city. Perhaps it is in this moment you realize that feels alien, trying to find the address "str. Mayakovsky, d. 3-B, letter "A", "written in Cyrillic.



So, when the office building was found, a new test engineer: how to call the elevator? Any button on the wall to be seen, and even if the break in the elevator, where they, too, will not.



Perhaps the answer is already known to many: the administration building to establish a special advanced system. In the lobby of the special need to dial the remote floor where you want to go, and then the score will show which of the 6 lifts you're lucky:

  - Now you will no longer come up and press both buttons at once, "up" and "down"!  Code>  pre> 



Office itself is quite cozy and like mine, where I work. So you feel like home. Yes, and you need to work, except for a comfortable table, wi-fi, ocean view and a coffee?





Office until quite small, takes only a few rooms on the floor. It's familiar, because Petersburg department also began. We then administration long tried to solve the problem, so that young people in shorts and bare feet are not frightened of business people in suits. I wonder how the management here wittily uses "soft power": makes colder - and prestigious for hot country, and especially in shorts do not resemble.

The people in the office was very nice and friendly.




The male half of course loves football. For example, on this screen, I was able to see only
broadcast football, or "soccer" with the game console (and with the current graphics quality is not always realize that at this time).


Was it hard? If I had to rearrange the ip-address and subnet mask, or get used to how to reverse the Coriolis force twists the water in the bathroom in the unusual way? No. But the main problem for me was Spanish. Fortunately, often helps out Google Translate. Yet it is exotic, but in a few years, perhaps, the world has changed thanks to automated translation, he changed with the advent of mobile communication. Especially advanced taxi drivers also mastered Google Translate. Not so, of course, to better understand where you want, and to have a chat on the way.

But while Google Maps'u recklessly trust is not necessary. Otherwise one day instead of the highway you may be in a fog at 4300m altitude. (And yes, in the Andes pretty cool.)


In parting, I left a gift souvenir exclusive t-shirt and went home to his brain.


Very beautifully combine journey into a far country with the opportunity to work there. Fly across the ocean just a week - a shame and an opportunity to continue to work in another city becomes a great way to spend more time in a faraway country, without spending too much vacation days. Needless to say, there is a cost, yet it is difficult to continue to work with the same intensity, but sometimes - you can.







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