Interesting facts about the city of the Incas – Machu Picchu

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This city full of secrets, is a tourist center of Peru. Translated the town's name sounds like "Old mountain" and was elevated to XVвеке. From the capital Cuzco, located about 100 kilometers and is located Machu Picchu. He is so much pent-up in the Andes that the Spanish colonizers were unable to get to him. But the scientist from America, Yale Hiram Bingham was able to open the world of Machu Picchu in 1911. All the locals knew about Machu Picchu, but was reluctant to open such secrets to outsiders.

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The Discovery Of Machu Picchu.

The city was discovered by accident. The fact that Bingham went in search of a completely different city – Vilcabamba. Here, the ancient tradition of the Incas, were brought many treasures, and the mummies of the rulers, when the country was conquered by Spanish troops.

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The scientist wandered in trying to find the slightest trace of the city, when I met a boy who carried with an interesting jug made of ceramics. Because science was not alien to Bingham, he immediately drew attention to the fact that the pitcher unusual and asked the boy where he got such a miracle. Adults avoided communicate on such topics, and the child immediately told the scientist how to get to Machu Picchu.

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Masterpiece of architecture.

Not infrequently, this city is called "city in the sky" and "city among the clouds" because he miraculously fits into the landscape. The roofs of the buildings have a triangular shape, making the opening seem part of the landscape. It is a masterpiece of not only architecture but engineering. In order to build this, people should have a wide knowledge of Geology, ecology, topography and astronomy. During the construction were used the natural slopes, and the technique which have been used by the builders, provided a high level of reliability in case of earthquake. Modern man can not imagine how the city was built: the stones of which they built buildings that were transported from distant quarries, it was necessary to pull them along the clay slopes.

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For this they pulled on the logs. Then started the grinding stones, this work was carried out so perfectly that today the gap junctions cannot put a knife blade.

Machu Picchu is on the list of world heritage sites of humanity by UNESCO since 1983. The list of New Wonders of the world it was made in 2007.

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What is built Machu Picchu?

To date, scientists do not have reliable information about what exactly built the Machu Picchu. The documents state that this place was the residence of the Supreme Inca Pachacutec. After his death the residence became a place in which sent the children of the nobility for training. The boys studied astronomy, and girls perfectly mastered the textile business. Another theory suggests that the city was designed for defense. Machu Picchu provides not only full control over all subordinates by the Incas, but under his control were access to fertile subtropical and tropical regions. In such places, the abundance of grown food: pumpkins, various fruits, and most importantly, plants used for medical purposes.

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How did the disappearance of the inhabitants?

The very existence of the city did not last long – little more than 100 years, only to 1532. It was at this time the Spanish colonizers broke into the territory of the Empire. Just at this time occurred the mysterious disappearance of all the inhabitants of Machu Picchu. There are also there are several theories: one says that the city itself depended on the capital called Cuzco, in terms of food products. During the conquest of the city, various supplies, of course, was discontinued. This is the reason which has forced residents to leave the city. Another theory says that the entire population, which numbered approximately 5,000 people, went to war against the Spaniards. To know the number of which does not exceed 300 people, left the city and went to Vilcabamba, taking with him all his treasure. It is possible that the cause of the disappearance of the inhabitants of the city generally not associated with these theories, but is completely different…

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The artifacts that were taken from Machu Picchu.

After the scientist and Professor has discovered a mysterious city, he, the best of its ability, tried to study them, and then take out the precious artifacts to Yale. Peru, after all accidents, for many years led the negotiations with the United States of America to return all the exhibits to their homeland. The agreement was reached only in 2010. And after one year they were returned to Peru in the Museum of the city of Cusco.

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Huayna Picchu.

It is the name of the mountain which can often be seen on photos of the city in the background. Huayna Picchu is translated as "Young mountain". This place is a lot not only residential, but also the temple buildings. Climbing to the top very difficult. It can make people only with good preparation. You can imagine how many tourists want to visit this place, however, only 400 people can get in. In order to be among the chosen, please buy the entrance ticket to Machu Picchu, which already includes a passage on the mountain itself.



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