The scientists said that bothers to quit Smoking

The staff of the American University of Pennsylvania recent scientific work has justified those who want to quit Smoking, but that he did not get. One desire of the smoker a little. It turns out, it's all about the features of the reaction of his brain.

The research conducted by scientists have shown how these reactions affect the degree of success of failure from addiction.

The results of scientific work, it will be possible to accurately predict how the next attempt to give up cigarettes will be successful and effective. As a rule, all the psychological methods based on reward. It is the reaction to the award, and is a kind of litmus test for every person.

In order to understand the reason why one lover to smoke easily give up the harmful habit, and the other regularly loses, the researchers used MTR-scanner. Medical device needed to record the change of the brain activity of heavy smokers who have temporarily had no access to nicotine.

For their experiment, the experts invited in a group of about 50 volunteers, who were classified as heavy smokers, as they are during the day, smoked at least 10 cigarettes during the last year. But before each meeting with the scientists, the volunteers were not allowed to take up cigarettes for 12 hours.

After such a long period of nicotine abstinence, subjects were placed for a while in an MRI scanner. Inside the MRI scanner, the volunteers had to play a logical game for money.

The scanner recorded brain response of participants on this positive news. Then the scholars said that to smoke the volunteers will be able not earlier than in two hours. Typically, each of the volunteers, the scanner noted a clear stress response.

Next, the researchers were notified about the "unplanned mistake", so you can go out for a smoke, while experts will fix the problem. However, each participant of the experiment were offered a choice: go out and do a few hits, or stay and earn the money.

Every 5 minutes nicotine abstinence, the scientists were ready to pay $ 1. Volunteers would be richer by $ 10, if I could resist the urge to smoke.

It turned out that even for the money to deny myself the pleasure to smoke are unable the part of the participants in the experiment, which poorly reacted to a greater potential monetary rewards. Also, these people do not consider care of their own health is worthy of attention factor, for which you can quit Smoking.



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