Paisios of the Holy mountain: for the patient to become healthy, you have to go on some victim

If we ask something from God and no sacrifice, then our request is inexpensive. If I sit back and say, "Oh, my God, please heal so-and-so sick", but he did not go to any kind of victim, then I might as well just say good words, ie, throw them to the wind.

If I have love, if I have a victim, Christ saw them, fulfill my request — of course, if it will benefit another. So when people ask you to pray for the sick, tell them that they, too, prayed or at least tried to get rid of their weaknesses.

Come to me some people ask, "Heal me, I heard you can help me". However, these people want to help, without any effort. For example, you say: "don't eat dessert, make this sacrifice to you God helped". And they'll say: "Why? Surely God cannot help me without this sacrifice?" These people can't give something up even for themselves. Where there is much they will sacrifice myself for the sake of another! But there are those who do not eat sweets, that Christ helped those suffering from diabetes, or sleep, that Christ gave some sleep for those who suffer from insomnia. In doing so, the person enters into a relationship with God. And then God gives people His Grace.

When a man tells me that he can't pray about someone from their sick relatives, I suggest him to go for the sake of the patient to sacrifice, to sacrifice something that causes harm to its own health.

Once to me in Kaleva came one man from Germany. He had a daughter, who gradually became paralyzed. Doctors from the girls refused. The unfortunate father was in total despair. "Do and you're some kind of sacrifice for the health of your child, — I asked him. — Bows you put can't pray you can't either. Okay, what is really there. But tell me: how many cigarettes do you smoke per day?" — "Four and a half packs", — he said. "Smoked less one pack, I said to him, — and the money you would have spent on the other three and a half packs, give in alms to some poor man." — "Father, — he said, — let my baby get well and I quit Smoking completely". —"No, — I say — when he recovers, that will not have prices. You should quit Smoking now.

Leave Smoking. Do you not love your child?" "I don't love your child?! Yes, I for his sake will rush down from the sixth floor," he said to me. "I'm not telling you to ran down from the sixth floor, I say to you quit Smoking. If you do the crazy thing and jump down from the sixth floor, you'll leave your child homeless and lose his soul. I suggest you do something easier: quit Smoking. Leave right now!". But he never wanted to quit, and ultimately left me in tears! How can you help that person? But those who listen to you, get help.

Another time a man came, gasping from the Hiking path. I understand that he smokes a lot, and said to him: "Queer people, what are you Smoking so much? Because you get sick." A little breathless, he said, "My wife is very sick and she could die. Please, pray that a miracle happened. Doctors helplessly lowered his hands". — "And do you love your wife?" — I asked him. "I love you". — "Then why do you yourself not want to help her? She did what she could, the doctors have done everything that. Did you just come here and ask me that I, too, did what I can: that is, that I prayed for to help her God.

But what did you yourself, in order your wife got help?" "What can I do, Geronda?" — he was surprised. "If, say, you quit Smoking, your wife will recover." I thought that if God sees that healing is spiritual will not help his wife, leaving to smoke, this man, at least, will get rid of the evil that brings Smoking. A month passed, and the joy it came to me to thank. "Geronda, — he said, — I quit Smoking and my wife got well." After a while he again came to me, was very upset and said that slowly again began to smoke and his wife again fell ill. "Well,' I said to him, now medicine you know. Quit Smoking". published


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