A good sermon very bad monk

When I was on the Holy Mountain, the day came to us from a certain channel. There is forbidden to take a TV interview, but sometimes it is done in secret, you know. And here some reporter came with a camera and interviewed the worst monk on mount Athos. As if specifically looked for. That is the worst that you can imagine, the most ugly picture, what you can see. He was quite astray.

Knowing that they interviewed this poor brother of ours, we said to myself: "Holy mother of God! What did that guy say who had them?"etc.

Thirty six million three hundred sixty three thousand one hundred forty one

They asked him:

– Father, and here, on mount Athos, there are the saints?

He replied:

– Eat!

– Can you give us some kind of Holy man?

– Elder Paisios.

Then we found out about it when I saw the movie and was surprised. And I thought, Yes, it really he said that? Usually people of this type did not recognize the elder paisija.

And here he was asked:

– Well, why is he a Saint?

– Well, you see, it is called a Saint. I don't know if he's Holy, do you follow the posts, irrespective of whether vigil, praying the rosary and putting bows, I about such things, don't know, maybe he does it all. But one thing I know for sure. I, poor monk, I admit it: I drink, get drunk, drunk, smashed, never fast, do not go to the service...

Eighty million forty thousand two hundred thirty four

All day unfortunate in Carei went from one café to another, every night the police picked him up.

–... other fathers despise me, don't want me to live with them, in a penny do not put me and would be happy to get rid of my presence. But every year, since I don't know any other way to earn a living, Paisius asked me to join her, so I got him wood. And although there were other wishes, good monks, he called me: "Come, father, to saw firewood for this year." And now I go to him, and he asks me: "How much do you want, father?"– "Want ten thousand drachmas". "I'll give you fifteen thousand! You're a good man and poor, I'll give you fifteen thousand!"

Others are ready to kill me with work, and forced to chop wood, and carry them out, and add to the woodpile, what did not invent! and he asked me: "father, are you tired? Sit a bit, have a rest!"And while I chopped wood, carried them, stacked it, helped me, as if he were my employee and servant. Pay me extra and took care of me.


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He couldn't cook, but made sure there was canned food, the wine, I ate well, all the time gave me all sorts of drinks and said, "get some Rest, let me buy you something, let's eat!"Moreover, when we come to some visitor, he praised me and said, "Look what a good monk, take his blessing!"And I think that this man is a Saint, because it does so.

And we told ourselves: "Look, the worst monk on the Holy Mountain said the best sermon."published 


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